Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Stitching, despite it all ...

After boldly declaring that this year was going to be wonderful, for many nearby friends and relatives, the year has gotten off to the very worst start. Adelaide has been at the mercy of the most terrible bushfires, and while it would seem that the worst has passed, the threat is still very much real.

Marty took this photo not too far from home on Thursday night:

We have been perfectly safe here, but so many of our good friends on the other side of our suburb, and in surrounding suburbs were evacuated from their homes. Amy's boyfriend has been staying with us since early Friday morning, as his family were evacuated and the road closed to his home in the hills. The road opened last night, but power hasn't been restored yet, so he may be with us for a little while longer.

I don't want to dwell on it, as it's all so sad - the terrible losses people are experiencing are just heartbreaking. The only thing that gives me heart at this time is the way the community has rallied together to support those in need. And bless the wonderful firefighters that put their lives on the line to help others.

Stitching is something I can turn to in stressful times to take my mind off things, it's easy to lose myself in mindless handwork. So to that end, I started working on the tiny hexagons and diamond shapes for Montmellick:

How curious - I managed to change the settings on my phone to take squares pictures??!!?? So you can see the tiny size of the hexies, I popped the ruler in there ... they're minute!

And I also got the last of the pieced borders in place on Montmellick:

The plain squares in the foreground are where I'll be appliquéing those little star units - they should look really cute.

I don't remember if I told you a while back I was thinking of using the border print that frames the centre block as the final border? Well, I've decided against it now. I have a feeling it may look a little dull, so my stash is going to be rummaged thru to find a suitable replacement. I hope I have something!

Last of all, Camo has been busy this week, he's participating in a tennis coaching clinic each day at his club. This means I have waiting around time, so hand stitching is perfect to keep me busy:

I have a number of tumbler shapes all cut out and ready to hand stitch together - they're in a small container which is super handy to grab on the run. What I've been doing is sewing the rows into the width that I want - and then sewing two rows together. After I've got as many rows I need, then I'll start sewing the two rows into the final table runner - I don't want to sew more than two rows together at the moment as I want to be able to spread the different fabrics around as much as possible and not have duplicates too close together. You can see in the pic above that there are some fabrics right next to each other. It would bug me for eternity to leave them that way!

This is going to be a long term project - the runner needs to be around 100" long to fit my big dining table. There will be hand stitching a-plenty in my future!

Anyway, that's it from me, I'll be laying low tomorrow as it's scheduled to be hot again - my fingers are crossed that the fires are under control enough not to flare up before the cool change that is coming later in the week. Chatter soon xox


Melanie said...

Prayers for your family and friends --- It's got to be scary. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

That is so awful about the fires. Hurts my heart for all. Hoping it's under control quickly. We had a really bad one not far from here a few years back. They are so devastating

Julierose said...

that is so sad for all those people; sorry to hear about those fires. Here, in SE Connecticut it was 13 degrees last night and only 17 at 9 am. AND they tell us that TOMORROW will be the cold day! I think staying in and sewing is on my agenda for sure....I love your projects--just beautiful, hugs, Julierose

Wendy Caton Reed said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your neighbors.

Missy Shay said...

How scary that must be!
I love your quilts. I'm the same about having fabrics next to each other, it drives me crazy.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Very sorry to hear such scary news for everyone involved. However, doubly glad to hear your family is safe. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Lynette said...

It's so very horrid to have these fires and be threatened by them. We went through that here in Colorado two years ago. :( My prayers and thoughts have been going out to Australia folks.

I love your quilt project. The stars are going to be so nice on that border. Don't you love down time waiting on family people, when you can get some hand work done? :)

loulee said...

It's heart breaking to think about the losses incurred by the fires. Stay safe.
Love seeing your quilts taking shape, so many tiny little pieces.

Raewyn said...

It's been awful hearing about the fires - do hope things improve soon. Your projects are beautiful. I've enjoyed watching everyone's Montmellick progress.

Pauline said...

I didn't realise that you lived so near the fires. Have been watching the CFS website every day and hoping it didn't turn into another Ash Wednesday, (I'm old enough to remember, I was 19). We're getting fine ash in the air (inner suburbs). Dreadful time for everyone.

BTW, love your stash!

Sandra Coleman Clarke said...

Tazzie, I will be praying for your friends in the fire area. I remember a few years ago your country had lots of terrible fires. Do hope that this will soon end. Love to you .

Tammy said...

Tazzie, sorry to hear about the fires. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Take care.

Me and My Stitches said...

Glad that you are safe from the fires, but so sorry for all who are affected. Love your projects!

pandchintz said...

Such an awful time over there. Too reminiscent of Victoria some years ago.......sends shivers up my spine. Glad to hear you're all safe. Enjoy your stitching!


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