Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Civil War Crossings

Last night and for a little of today, I've been revisiting a project I started a long time ago. It's my Civil War Crossings quilt (designed by Barbara Brackman). Linda and I both fell in love with it, duly ordered it, and I picked it up when I visited with her in 2008. As you can see, I don't rush things :-)

I had to crop the picture down - my finger was photo-bombing! All the blocks have been made for some months, so all I had to do was cut the settings squares and put the top together. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show you a completed flimsy ...

Not much cutting or sewing was achieved yesterday, in the afternoon I took Camo and a friend along to the movies - we saw The Croods, which was quite fun. I wonder how long it will be before he doesn't want me to stay and watch with him, and asks to be dropped off?

In the morning I was stuck in front of the TV - unable to tear myself away from the happenings in Boston. My heart goes out to everyone involved, I'll be praying for you all. I just don't understand it - sometimes it seems like the whole world has gone mad.


Deb said...

This quilt looks so nice!! Love the colors in it! And as far as Camo and friend - the day will come soon enough when they just want you to drop them off. It comes too quick!

Shay said...

Another gorgeous sneak peek Tazzie. I'm really drawn to CW quilts at the moment but haven't committed to taking the leap myself.

I think you have about 2 or 3 years before Cam blows you off to spend movie time with his mates.

Nancy said...

Look at all those gorgeous fabrics! You have a good eye for putting fabrics together.

pandchintz said...

Quilt looks good! Ditto on your sentiments.

Sue said...

LOVE your colours. Much prettier than on the original pattern, although I know photos are sometimes different. What a gorgeous block too.
Look forward to catching up in 1 week!!


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