Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scrappy Star Start

I had a fun day out with Camo today at Victoria's house, I got some more of the hexagons for Mrs Billings put together while Camo played happily with the kids. Victoria is about as far along as I am with Mrs Billings, and she was working on hexies too. If I remember, I'll share a picture of the hexies tomorrow, they're awfully cute. 

It has been impossible for me to get the Scrappy Stars quilt out of my mind, and what a delightful surprise this morning to receive an email from the lovely Joyce from Arizona who made the quilt. She is such a sweetheart and so supportive of my interest in making my own version of this quilt. So, this evening I was determined to put a couple of stars together to get me on a roll :-)

I really like them, and while I'll make future ones more scrappy, these controlled scrappy ones are nice too. It's always fun to look at the fabrics and remember the original quilts they were in. The burgundy fabric in the star points of the block above was the binding fabric from one of my scrappy nine patch quilts.

Some of the fabrics in the above block are OLD.!! I think the blue was from the Sarah Johnson collection, which came out while I was working on my Dear Jane quilt ... could be pre-2000!

These are my 2.5" and 1.5" scrap boxes - I'll use these in addition to Donna's fabrics. You can see that just from these boxes the potential for scrap quilts is huge! I do worry that I'll never be free of my scraps! In the foreground there you can see the next of the Mrs Billings kite borders to have triangles inserted. Slowly, slowly they're getting done :-)

Now this is something I hardly ever remember to do - I took a picture of our dinner tonight! I was watching Everyday Gourmet yesterday, and Justine made some meatballs which looked really nice and not too tricky. Since I grocery shopped last night I was able to ensure I had all the ingredients, and this afternoon I got busy in the kitchen. The family has declared them delicious and they'll be going into the regular rotation.

You can get the recipe here: Giant Meatballs stuffed with Mozarella I added olives, roasted capsicum and artichokes to the sauce to jazz it up a bit, and served it with garlic bread and salad. Yummm!

Lastly, I've had a couple of sweet ladies stop by and say Hi but no email address for me to respond to them - A big hello to Soikku from Finland, and to Tina who is a new reader!

So now it's back to the sewing machine to get some more of the Mrs Billings kite borders put together. Chatter soon :-)


Joyce said...

Love your scrappy stars! Your well on your way. Just be careful, they are terribly addictive.

Impera Magna said...

Good for you for starting your Scrappy Stars blocks now and not waiting! Bust those scraps!!!!


mereth said...

It's an impossibility , using up all your scraps.I just hope to be changing the mix, keeping stuff flowing through the scrap boxes. And I've realised that I could work with my scraps forever and never get to use the yardage- that's the scary thought for me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tazzie,
I love the 4" stars also and think I "need" to make it too! Do you remember what day Bonnie posted it?
Donna in CA

Frances Meredith said...

I think that picture of Joyce's Scrappy Stars has inspired us all. It seems to the perfect project - scrap busting, simple, but VERY effective. I don't think it will be too long before I start on my scraps. Enjoy your scrappy stars project!

Sue said...

I too will have to make those stars. They are just gorgeous. Trouble is the scraps don't seem to go down!


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