Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Fusibles ...

Endless chain piecing can get a little boring after a while ... so for a change of pace, I'm working on a little fusible appliqué:

This is part of a larger project that I can share later in the year. I had fun making the block - I started out with a paper square and folded it up drew on the design (had a couple of goes until I was happy) and then traced the shape onto fusible webbing. I believe the name for the cutting technique is Scherenschnitte.

So, now I'm just working through the blanket stitching, and it'll probably be my last job for the day. I've used a gold coloured thread - it's a cute contrast for the red fabric.

Better get back to it, I can't believe it's after 10pm already!


Shay said...

A Hawaiian quilt is one my to do list for this year and the blocks for that use the same technique. Im already doubting myself so I'll be coming to you for tips !

Nancy said...

I've never tried applique on my machine. Any tips?

Unknown said...

Your quilt will look lovely when completed.. I have never been game enough to try this on the machine.. Thanks for sharing :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Tazzie,
What settings do you use for your buttonhole stitch?
Thanks, Donna


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