Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussies - those living here and Aussies living far from home too. I'm so thankful to live in such a great place - I truly believe it's called the lucky country for a reason. I hope you're all able to spend time with family and friends, and celebrate in your favourite way :-)

And while we're celebrating here, some of my dear sweet friends in California are on a quilt retreat in Grover Beach. I was with them last year, and believe me, I would love to be with them again this year. Last night they did their Christmas block exchange, and I was able to see (via the wonders of technology) the block that Kate made for me. I just love it!

Cleverly, I forgot to take a picture of the block I sent over, so hopefully someone will remember to take a picture of it for me :-)

And because I got my Mrs Billings kite borders all pieced, I was able to reward myself and make up some of the star blocks. This time I decided to make the reverse colourway:

I still don't seem to excel at making scrap blocks scrappy enough, but regardless they're really cute. It's likely that they'll get scrappier as I go along, as I'm cutting extra pieces for future blocks. The fabrics in my scrap boxes are cut into strips, but not into squares and bricks, so I trim them down as I need them.

The block at top left is a bit messed up, I pressed it out of shape somewhat. Hopefully it'll work itself out when it gets put into the quilt. And I've made one other decision regarding this quilt - I've decided to make the pinwheel blocks that are between the stars consistently from the same two fabrics (which I haven't decided on yet). I'll keep you posted. How fun :-)

Chatter soon :-)


Anonymous said...

love your Christmas snow glob block from your friend. you are a lucky gal.

love the star blocks...never thought of going reverse color. good idea.

Pip said...

I've just been catching up on all your posts over the last couple of weeks, you have been busy indeed :)
I do like the scrappy star blocks much better than the LeMoyne star, plus I think they are probably slightly easier to make as well.

Mrs Billings has come a long way since I last saw her, it won't be long before you have her all finished :)

I had a bit of a clean out of my "drawer of shame" (kind of like your basket but a bit larger) just amazing what you find in there, I hope you managed to get it all cleaned up.

Judy Hart said...

You need a Pin button for Pinterest. I was going to post some of your blocks/quilts (really cute) but can't find a Pin button.

Linda said...

We all missed sewing you with you too! Star blocks are so cute!
There are no words for Mrs. Billings as it looks so awesome!


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