Monday, January 07, 2013


It's surely no secret that I'm one of those people that gets hooked on things easily. I wonder if lots of quilters are like that? Fabric is my drug of choice ... but something else has hooked me lately. It's Pinterest. Have you checked it out? A blissful time-suck of inspiration and eye-candy. I watch as my friends pin lovelies to their virtual pin boards, and before I know it, I'm madly pinning too. If you'd like to take a look at what I've been inspired by, you can find me here. Ohhhh, and consider yourself warned ... Addictive!

I've got the old girl out on the dining table. We're having a sewing session, and it's like visiting with an old friend. New Bernie is having a visit with Otto at the health spa. Nothing serious, just a tweak. I miss her already! That's a good sign - we're bonding :-)

I had some recent comments from lovely ladies, and their email addresses weren't available in the comment. I do like to respond when I can (I'm usually way behind with my mail), so a big hello to Jenni, Loralie and Mimi from my last post.

I'll check back in soon - the tennis is getting interesting, must watch!!


Lorraine said...

I am staying well away from Pinterest.....I can see the attraction, but to me it (seems) like the old days of looking through magazines and cutting out recipes and DIY/craft ideas which you put in a scrap book and never looked at again.....of course this is what I tell myself so I am not tempted to try Pinterest because of course it is nothing like I have described LOL I struggle to find time for all the things I want to do now so am trying not to add another "addiction"..looking forward to catching up soon.....keep cool...enjoy the tennis and stitching time...oh and Pinterest of course :)

Impera Magna said...

I'm enjoying Pinterest and have actually made a number of crafty things I've found there... including crocheted hats for my granddaughters.

Pinterest was actually a good thing last fall when I was home for over a month recovering from five fractured ribs... it was very good at distracting me from the discomfort for a while.

One of the neat things I learned on Pinterest is to use empty toilet paper rolls that you have cut once length-wise to "clip" over wrapping paper rolls to keep the paper from unrolling. So much better than using a rubber band or tape!


Pauline said...

I have resisited the urge to peek at Pinterest, cos I *know* I won't be able to stay away!

I spend too much time perusing blogs and online shops to get anything done as it is...

Paisley Jam Designs said...

Now Tara ! you could beusing that waisted tme SEWING !!!! hehe
Lov Jen xx

Christina Broad said...

Hi Tanya... I have just joined your blog.. Your work is beautiful.. Well done.. :)


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