Friday, May 28, 2010

Nearly Insane Blocks 23 & 41

I have been posting here so scarcely lately because I'm so hooked on my Nearly Insane quilt, and mostly I post those blocks on the Nearly Insane Fans blog. But I have had a few requests from readers here to see more of the blocks, so with a lack of anything else to post, I've cut-and-pasted the same blog entry here for you to see. This quilt has really drawn me in, and I'm having such fun working on it.

**For readers not familiar with the Nearly Insane quilt, it's a reproduction of a quilt from the 1870's. Each of the blocks is 6" finished, and some of them have as many as 200 pieces in them. The quilt truly deserves it's "Nearly Insane" status. **

Here are a couple of my recent blocks. The pink one was the last one I needed to add the fifth row to my quilt top.

This is block 23 - love the pink fabric. The thin red pieces were fun to work with - they're 3/8" finished, so seam allowances were so important. Even being a little bit out meant the strips looked too small or large. I did unpick a couple of pieces for accuracy.

This basket is block 41 - and it was fun to have a bit of applique to play with. I love needle turn applique, so that was the technique I used. I was fretting that the triangles weren't lined up well enough in the basket, but it doesn't really show so much. Overall it's a very cute block.


Clare said...

Sounds very similar to the Dear Jane. Is it?

Great blocks.

Diane said...

WOW, now I understand the name. 200 pieces in a 6" square? Goodness. I think I will pass on making my own, and enjoy yours. LOL I like small pieces, but not that small. :)

Nana Time said...

You have lured me in....I have ordered the book...and will start when it gets here.

I hope my blocks look half as good as yours!

Nana Time said...

Okay, Tazzie, I got the book which doesn't give explicit directions (which I need) on how to cut the pieces for each block. HELP!

julieQ said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! I am addicted to the Dear Jane right I know just how you feel!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have the background fabric that you used on both blocks. I am using them in my Civil War Diary Quilt. Love the pink square the best's pink!


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