Friday, May 14, 2010

And Brushes with Fame ...

Part of the fun when we're in Paducah is the 'star spotting', and catching up with friends old and new. And in some cases, friends that I haven't actually met yet.

I knew well before I arrived in Paducah that I was going to seek out Marti Michell. I love her templates and patterns, and when I met her in 2006, I found her to be just delightful. Kate and I stopped by her booth and had our picture taken with her. And soo, there I was chattering away with her, and you can imagine my surprise when I learned that she remembered me ... and here's the thing that had me simply gobsmacked ... she's been by and read my blog! OMG!! Well, Marti, if you're reading this - I had such a nice time visiting with you again, you truly made my day! :-)

And just before I was due to head into a workshop, I ran into Ricky Tims and his partner Justin. My friend Jenny and I took a workshop with Ricky in 2005, and I credit him with encouraging me to try machine quilting. Even though his workshop was to make his 'Chantelle' project, seeing his work and the DVD I purchased at the time really de-mystified the whole process for me. He's a hero! And Justin is always so much fun to talk to, it was great to see them again - even though I didn't have a lot of time to spend with them.

And here is a fun surprise for you - It's our wonderful blogging friend Cheri! Before I left for the USA, Cheri had given me her cell phone number in the hope that we may be able to catch up in Paducah. We texted a couple of times and were able to catch up briefly in Eleanor Burns downtown shop. I wish I could have spent longer with her, Cheri is just lovely and we had a great chat. How fun to finally meet up in person! Next time I shall try and organise for us to have a day together.

And for the last picture, here is Tara Lynn Darr. When Tara saw on my blog that I was heading to the quilt festival, she commented that she had a booth in the Kentucky Oaks Mall and that I definitely needed to stop by and say Hi. She is just lovely (and had some darling fabrics that had to come home with me) and how fun that we share the same first name!

I had the very best time in Paducah, and I travelled with and also met the very best people. Of course I want to visit again, and at this stage Linda and I are talking about maybe Vermont in 2012. I can't wait, as I've never seen the New England area. I'll start saving now!


Unknown said...

It was so much fun meeting you in Paducah! I'm glad you had a wonderful time while here in the states!

onlymehere said...

What a dream come true for you and for icing on the cake getting to meet some blogging buddies! Sounds like a wonderful time all the way around!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. :o)

Jo Vandermey said...

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now. I am amazed that someone from Australia makes it all the way to North America to quilt shows when I live in Canada (near Niagara Falls) and have made it to only one of the big shows - in Vermont no less by accident. I have a sister who even lives in Vermont. I haven't made it to the show to take classes because it always seems to fall on the weekend of Highschool and gradeschool graduations which I have a kid in or a relative.
You would love Vermont. The quilt stores in the area of Burlington are fabulous! I have made it to most of them!! Burlington is not a huge US city either and easy to get around. We were at the show for only one day several years ago when it was held in Norwich and not Burlington. Next year my son graduates from grade 12 so I might not make it again but who knows about 2012.
Love you blog
Jo from the beautiful Niagara Penisula of Ontario Canada


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