Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trees & Kitty Love

Go Tazzie! I finished up the five 'Among the Evergreens' blocks this afternoon. I've made these up before for Maureen's surprise quilt, and for the runner that lives on my dining table. I'm now making a wall hanging which will accompany the runner in the magazine. I just have to decide on sashing strips and the border.

See that cute paisley fabric I found in the squares there. I really like it. Ohhh, and Karen, I'm so lazy - forgive me *hugs* I haven't forgotten :-)

Tonight I strutted on a 'catwalk' for my friend Kathy. She did a presentation for her personal stylist business (Style Call) at a ladies pamper evening, and I was one of her three models. We were all dolled up and had a really nice time. My red shoes had their first outing, and I just love them. I also wore fishnet stockings! OMG!!

While checking the camera for my quilty photo, I found this picture that Amy must have snapped this afternoon. Some 'Kitty Love'. The fur persons are always tussling and playing together, and usually in the next moment napping together. I'm not sure why they're ON the dining table ... not my favourite place for them to be ... but I'll forgive them :-)

Should run, it's getting late here, and I feel like I could use some zzzzz's. Be good, and I'll check in with you all soon. x o x


Jeanne said...

Tazzie, the blocks look great! Love the kitty photo, too. Mine two do that all of the time.

mereth said...

I'm glad your kitties get on so well, they must be great company for each other.Fabric and cats make a good photo combination. And I love the dear Jane in the background, beautiful just.
You must look a whole lot better in fish nets than I would!!

Clare said...

Ohh miss - fish nets and red shoes! Our two don't play so much as fight, but then they are brother and sister.


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