Monday, June 30, 2008

Kitty Panel

Today I worked at the quilt store - not a normal thing for me on a Monday. It was like a play date with Cheryl. I had fun work to do - the panel you see in the picture had arrived, and I added the green border and cornerstones and quilted and bound it. Tomorrow we'll be kitting them up.

Not at all like a chore going to work ... just super fun :-)


Myra said...

Very cute! Sounds like you have fun with it! I wouldn't call it work either!
Happy stitchings!

Sara said...

Love the kitty panel! Very cute. I wonder if my quilt store will have it??
Also, love the shoes in the previous post!

atet said...

That kitty panel is sweet and you have to love days at work that are much more like play :0).

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

It's darling!! I love it! My sewing room might just need one of those,but I am also still trying to figure out what to do with the "rosie the quilter" panel I bought! I used to just say "NO" to panels,but they are growing on me!


Teresa said...

Lots of beautiful quilts in your pictures the last couple of days. Love the shoes too!! Cross my heart and kiss my elbow - lol, that one made me laugh.

loulee said...

Cute little kitty quilt, I love it.

Maria said...

I've got it two, I will quilt it by hand and I'm going to give it to my cousin as a present when I visit her in America. The border matches perfect with it.


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