Monday, September 04, 2006

Winnie the Pooh fabric

Thank you all so much for the encouragement and kind words about my long standing UFO. This is not my oldest UFO, but it's up there. There's one in the attic that probably won't see the light of day for a long time, it's going to take a lot of work to resurrect that one, and I'm just not ready to take it on.

Kathie asked yesterday about the Winnie the Pooh fabric, and whether it was pre or post Disney. I can tell you with certainty that it's not Classic Pooh. I assume it must be a Disney one? When I saw the fabric in a Keepsake catalogue, I really liked it, as it isn't as syrupy as some of the fabrics you see around, it still has a hand drawn look to it.

On the UFO progress, I have pieced all the sawtooth borders, and the top and bottom borders have been put onto the quilt. I hope to attach the other borders this morning, and maybe even put the final border on today. Cameron was excited to see the quilt this morning, he's never actually seen me working on it before.

On a slightly sad note, yesterday my DS accidentally smashed the screen of my laptop. I feel like I'm missing my arm, it's usually there with me in my kitchen on the bench ... telling me when I have mail ... ready with my flylady inspiration ... But the good news is, it can be repaired, and hopefully by the end of this week. Much better to have a $100.00 parts bill than a bill for a new laptop and all the headaches that go along with it.

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my Dad ... or should I say that Dad had a wonderful day with his family around. Gosh I'm lucky, he's just great to be around, and he's so good to us too. During the week he knew I was excited about the preserver that I got from ebay, and when he had a chance he got me a book all about preserving. So thoughtful ... Love you Dad!


Jenni said...

You must be pleased to be finishing such an old UFO. Will your son use it even though he has moved on to Buzz L? Your Dad sounds nice - my Dad was looking after my nieces on the weekend so I only got to phone him.

Melanie said...

You're earlier picture didn't do the quilt justice. I love the "Pooh" blocks.

ForestJane said...

Looking at it from close up, you picked the perfect shade of green to go with the green used in the pooh block fabric. :)

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks great, I love the Winnie fabric.

Clare said...

HI Tazzie,

Love the Winnie the Pooh fabric. it doesn't look too Disneyish and has an E H Shepard look about it. I prefer the original drawings, rather than the Disney ones, but that is because I'm old fashioned in that respect. DD has a set of the Narnia books without the Pauline Baines illustrations - doesn't feel the same. That's one of the reasons why I love the Narnia film - the cinematogaphy is so like the original illustrations.

Clare x


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