Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pincushions and tins

The thread has been sweeping though blogs, and of course I'm a late joiner ... but here I am!

Here is my not terribly interesting pincushion and tin collection. Each one has pins for a different purpose, well, the chicken hold needles (and threads), you can't see any in the picture, I hope they're not hiding inside the chicken! The chicken is made from a Doreen Speckmann pattern, it's called a 'Norwegian Chicken'.

The magnetic pin holder holds my favourite thin glass headed pins, it lives near the sewing machine, but not too near, the computer in the machine wouldn't like the magnet I'm thinking! I've noticed a lot of people like these pins.

The tin in front came from Hearst Castle when I visited with Linda earlier this year, and it holds my 'other' pins ... any random pins I find that aren't applique pins. And the applique pins are in the Haighs tin at the back.

I managed to quilt about one third of the Sunrise quilt yesterday. It's my goal to be able to hand sew the binding on the back of the quilt at quilt group tomorrow. It's a big ask, as I'm not home too much today, but I'll give it my best shot! Have a great day x o x


May Britt said...

The Norwegian chicken was designed by Annie Eikenes and Lise Bergene and published in a book in 1995. They also used this chickenpattern as a toilet toote which is very cute. I have the book (one of my favorits) and have made a lot of these chickens.

Angie said...

Hi Tazzie, I had to drop in to say that your quilts are gorgeous! I especially love that miniature! Great job! And I'm going to have to make me a log cabin "chicken" pincushion! LOL I've seen those on several blogs. I've been away so I haven't been involved in posting pics of my pincushions. I've really enjoyed seeing them all, tho! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Tazzie- now it really is morning for me &:-) I read your blog while having breakfast. You are just a busy women - very pretty miniature and I like the Thimbleberry quilt Sunrise(nice block patterns)! I assume the miniature will be your entry this year? Donna told me she has been reading your block often- I will write more...Linda

Granny said...

Your collection looks better than mine! I didn't realize how lacking I was in the pincushion area!

Judy L.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your pins on the magnetic pin holder are my favorites also! Isn't it fun seeing everyones pin holders!


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