Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just me??

Is it just me ... or are others unable to see some pictures on peoples blogs? I'm cruising around the webrings and I can see pictures on older posts, but no pictures on current posts on peoples blogs ... it has me very puzzled!


quiltpixie said...

blogger was acting up for the longest time today -- no comments possible, some blogs timing out before loading. Maybe lack of pictures was another symptom as I'm finding there are pics tonight :-0

Jenni said...

I can see photos on blogs, but rarely on bloglines. I've emailed them about it, but they don't seem very interested.

Susan said...

I haven't noticed, but I'll check now as I go 'round. I do know that on bloglines, if I have an RSS subscription, which most of mine are, I don't usually get pics, which atom usually does. I don't know if that's general or not. Since I go to people's sites when they update, it doesn't really matter to me, though.

Clare said...

Damnn it!

I've just posted a comment and the connection timed out :(

I'm trying to read Screendoor's blog which is taking an age to load, write a post on my blog with pictures, which won't upload, so I guess Blogger is in snail mode. Either that or it is my connection again!

Bloglines won't giver me photos either.

Happy shopping :-)

Clare x

Anonymous said...

I have been so irritated by my switching to blogger beta (not to mention the problem I had before with upload ing photos) that I have not tried to upload any photos lately - although I did start a webshots & flickr. I'll try to upload a quilt today... (no promises, but I will try.)

Shelina said...

I haven't noticed problems with pictures on blogger, but I don't generally see pictures on bloglines. I didn't know it was an RSS vs atom thing. Apparently I've chosen wrong! I usually pick the one with the most subscribers.


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