Friday, September 01, 2006

How did I go with my goals?

Well, here they are:
  • Finish Dolphin Quilt
  • Finish Piecing Atlantic Jewels
  • Start Hand Quilting October 2004 Thimbleberries Club Project
  • Sort one basket of scraps into scrap boxes
  • Don't buy any fabric!
  • Make at least 5 30's DJ blocks
  • Start piecing Double Irish Chain
  • Piece 50 scrap nine patch blocks
I think I can safely say that I achieved all but one of them, and that's the sort the scraps one. That one is kind of debatable too. I sorted a lot of scraps out, but didn't end up with an empty basket. I feel great for having sorted out so much though, and with persistance and time set aside regularly, I know I can tame this stash!

Off to set some new goals!


Joyce said...

You did great! And sorting can be done any time. Also you can sort and sort and never get to the bottom of it. I think they multiply in the dark.

Hanne said...

You did great on your goals :-)
Have you made any for September yet ?
I will be on a fabric diet through this autumn - not a No Buy, just a diet, more like Low Buy. I just bought 3 meters of backing fabric 1/3 of the normal price, today. I swear my scraps breeds by cell dividing, at night. I think I can even hear them ;-)
Are you with me on a Low Buy ?
Your placemats are cute !

Shelina said...

You had some ambitious goals for August, and you were able to reach them. Congratulations! You did great.


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