Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Here is a picture of my 'Sunrise' quilt. It's the Thimbleberries Club project from the first half of last year. If I get the chance, today I would like to layer and baste the quilt. I did manage to get to the quilt store yesterday. I took some Voltaren, and after a few hours I was feeling like I could drive. It was still hard to turn well enough to see traffic to my right, but I was super careful. I chose a really nice double wide back from Thimbleberries, I'll try and share a picture later. Pale fabrics don't show up well in pictures though.

The quilt looks really rumply in this picture, as it's laid out in an area where there's not enough space for it. A train set has magically appeared in the lounge again, and I don't have the heart to tidy it away until Cameron goes to kindy!

Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely words about my miniature quilt, and also for your kind words and concern about my neck and shoulder. I think I've pulled a muscle, and today while still tender, it's not nearly so bad as it was yesterday, so thank you once again, you're all so lovely.

I have a few questions I need to answer from people about the Miniature Quilt. It's been a few days, so please don't be sad if I don't get to your question, it's just that I've been flaky lately!

Amy - the Calico Cat asked about how many fabrics I'd used. There are only four fabrics, the pink, green, yellow and white/cream. The green fabric has a lot of shading from blue to yellow through it, so it adds a lot of interest, and because the leaves are small, they can vary so much from leaf to leaf.

May Britt wondered about the scallops, I actually drew them up in Corel Draw, and printed out a small template, which I then cut out in plastic, to hopefully get them all even. Each scallop is one inch wide.

KC Quilter wondered about the size of the quilt. I would have to measure it again, as I can't actually remember, but it's between 17 and 18 inches. Each block is 4 inches, the sashing strips are a quarter inch, and I think the outer borders are just over 2 inches wide. The quilt is in my hoop right now, so I'll measure for sure another time.

Quilt Pixie asked if I'll be backing it in the green. I did want to, but I actually don't have a big enough piece of green left for the back. I shopped the stash for a backing. I will bind the quilt with the green though. I'm going to cut the strips 1.5" wide, and use a double fold binding. It should work out tiny to match the quilt.

I hope that's everyone's questions, if I've missed yours, just shoot me an email, and I'll get back to you. Have a great day everyone! x o x


Jenni said...

Glad your neck is feeling better. Go easy on the Votaren though - it has had some warnings put out about it recently.

ForestJane said...

Do I get to pick a favorite block? I like the one in the lower right corner - it reminds me of one of those broken glass kaleidoscopes I had as a kid.

May Britt said...

Thanks for sharing how you are making scallops. Of course, why did I not think about that. Print it in Corel draw and then transfer it to plastic.
Be careful about Voltaren. I have used it for many years now and I know it works, but its hard stuff. When the autumn comes with fog and rain, unstable weather, my body is not working very well. Then Voltaren is my medicine. Luckily my stomach can deal with it.

Cynthia said...

very pretty quilt. I think my favourite block would have to be the one in the bottom right also.

Hope the weather is lovely there in SA as it is here in Vic. today.

Laura said...

What a lovely quilt!

Patti said...

So glad to hear that your neck and shoulder are feeling better!

Shelina said...

This is a nice quilt too. The gold really brightens it up. I understand wanting to get to a quilt store, but please take it easy and give your neck and shoulder a chance to completely heal. There are bad drivers on the road, and you don't want to get injured when you are already dealing with one injury.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hope your feeling better. And don't feel bad about being behind - as you can see so am I!


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