Monday, October 02, 2023

Monday Evening

As the title suggests, it's Monday evening here now - we were so lucky to have had a long weekend (Labour Day), so sleep ins have been on the agenda, and sewing too! But as promised, I'm checking back in with some additional quilting eye candy.

First up, during the week I pieced and quilted a new Slightly Spooky Halloween Table Topper. I had given away the one I made last year, so because it's the season, time for another:

I love this little project, it's always a breeze to make. One of my sweet customers had asked me for some tips to bind scallops, so today while I was working on the binding I took some pictures to make up a little tutorial. Scalloped binding is super easy, nothing to fear at all - I plan to put a selection of photos with some information on Insta when I have a chance. Also, the pattern for the table topper is in my Etsy store if you like it.

Another thing I finished last weekend was some placemats for my Mum which were almost identical to the one I made for Nanna. The cream and green stripes are narrower in this version, which I think looks nicer.

This placemat is based on a picture that a quilting friend found on Pinterest and she really wanted to make some. The Pinterest link on the picture of the black and white mats didn't lead to anything other than some very suspicious looking links, and though we hunted far and wide for a pattern, we just couldn't come up with anything. So, because of our lack of success, I put together a few very basic cutting and piecing directions for my friend, and though the dimensions don't appear to be exactly the same, we're both pretty happy with the end result. If you'd like a copy of my rudimentary directions, pop me an email, I'll be happy to forward them to you.

And back to piecing, I put a few more of the Scrappy Stars blocks together in an attempt to catch up:

These are blocks eight, nine and ten. The group is up to block thirteen, and I expect fourteen to come out at any moment - I feel confident I'll have some free time this week so I'll catch up soon!

And I've (mostly) been able to keep up with thirty minutes each evening of hand quilting, and last night I was able to move the hoop on Lily Rosenberry:

Gosh I love this quilt, the hand quilting is so relaxing, and I must remember to savour it, and not race toward a finish. 

Last of all for today, a little Rowley snap:

Marty was watching the MotoGP, and I don't know if Rowley was genuinely tired, or if he wasn't happy about not being the centre of attention ... but he had his back to Marty with a less than pleased look on his face. Funny dog! It's hard to believe that in two weeks time Rowley will be eight months old - it has gone so fast!

So that's my little early week catch up - Friday I'll be back to my regular posting schedule. Chatter soon!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Rowley is beautiful and yes, they can pout. Love them and all their antics.
Your scrap stars are so pretty and interesting due to your scrap bag and of course your ability to know what works in a block. I really like them all.
Thanks for posting. Enjoy your week.


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