Friday, October 27, 2023

Scrappy Stars Stitchalong Top

This has been such a great week, from a quilting perspective, and from a home perspective too.

I got one of the tops from the Scrappy Stars Stitchalong put together, I'm so very pleased with how it looks:

The bottom row of blocks is cut off in this picture (also it's upside down), but you can see how the fabrics in the setting squares and triangles look. I'm so pleased I went rummaging in my stash closet, I really like the fabrics I selected. Hopefully this week I'll get the second top put together, and then I'll get ready to quilt and bind them. I don't think these little quilts are candidates for hand quilting, I have plenty enough of that in the queue already!

And speaking of hand quilting, I moved the hoop once again:

I don't always feel like hand quilting, so when I'm in the mood I really have to go with it. I'd love it if I can have this quilt finished some time next year, so let's hope I can remain focused!

In other news, I'm so thrilled with all the decluttering I've been getting done at home. During the week I went through all my quilting books and donated about a third of them. I wanted to free up one of the shelves in my quilting room - little Mary loves the Sylvanian Families and I have a couple of sets for her. I've popped them on the spare shelf in the sewing room and she happily plays with them while I get a little stitching done. 

And my handbags too - I gave a whole bunch to a friend today, she was interested in them and it was a great opportunity to reduce their numbers. I think I kept five total - only absolute favourites, ones that I know I'll use.

It's amazing to me how much I'm preferring having space instead of stuff. I'm going to look forward to continuing organisation in the sewing room. There are so many projects I'd like to work on, and I'm loving getting through them!

Well, that's it for me this week, I'm going to get a little more hand quilting done, and then it's night-night time! Chatter soon xox


cityquilter grace said...

terrific repro blocks and your quilting is coming along nicely...yes decluttering has its rewards, space being one but also freeing of no longer wanted 'stuff'....

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

terrific quilting love that quilt. it is always nice to free up shelf space for other things and to pass books on to others that might want them and room for more

Janet said...

Wow, the 2 fabrics just make the blocks "pop". I love it.
I wish I could declutter like you are. All the projects that I picked out from my books, there is no way I will get them done in my lifetime. One of these days I will part with them.
I am sure you will have Lily done before you know it.
Enjoy your weekend.

Janet O. said...

Really fun Scrappy Stars. I am enjoying seeing all the versions posted on blogs. You have done a great job with the "make do" effect on the blocks, and I like your setting squares and triangles prints.
Tazzie, your applique work is gorgeous, set off very well with your pretty quilting. Thanks for the close-up.

Nancy said...

Your scrappy stars quilt looks great. Your use of two different fabrics for the squares and outer triangles is really effective to create the impression of a border. And your stars are fabulous!
The quilt you're quilting is so beautiful--vibrant colors, such perfect applique.


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