Friday, October 06, 2023

Back to Friday posting ...

This has been a great week, a busy one, but great. I've had some stitching time - I've been working on some mmmCrafts decorations:

These ones aren't tricky ones, I'll work my way up to some harder ones later in the year. It's nice to work on something simple here and there.

I also managed to move the hoop again on the Lily Rosenberry quilt:

I go through fits and starts with hand quilting, sometimes it's all I want to do, and other times I really have to force myself to keep going. I'm wanting to quilt at the moment, so I need to embrace that and get plenty done.

There was also a Opa Sampler block to complete, and I was able to get that done on Tuesday evening:

Block 19 - Crooked Mile

This block was super fun to make, I really enjoy curved piecing. The green fabric was a find from deep stash - it was the very bottom fabric in the stack of green yardage in the closet. Who knows how long I've had it or where it came from!

And last of all for today, some happy mail from the lovely Karen from Somerset Patchwork:

Aren't these fabrics darling? I do love Karen's fun sales on Instagram, and I'm sure there will be more happy mail in my future.

It's likely I won't be doing too much quilting tonight, on a wild hair this week I decided to paint one of our bathrooms, so I've been up and down the ladder and working hard to get it done. It's pretty much worn me out, so I'll be in bed soon. Not sure how much I'll be getting done this weekend either, as we're babysitting a friend's dog, it will be such fun for Rowley, and a bit of an adventure for us too I'm sure! So that's it for me for now, I'll be sure to chatter soon! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the hand quilting is so pretty. I need to repaint our bathroom and I keep putting it off for some reason

cityquilter grace said...

lily is coming along beautifully...and gotta check out 'somerset'...

Janet said...

The ornaments are very pretty. The Crooked Mile block looks complicated but I love it. I may have to try it. Lily is coming along. I wished I had the confidence to use the blue pen but I am so afraid it would not come out for me. Love the fabrics especially the one on the far right end. Great post, thank you for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.


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