Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday already?

Wow, are days disappearing more quickly at the moment? Maybe they are but just in my house? Who knows, but I can tell you with certainty that I didn't get much done this week!

This is as far as I got with my two tangled hearts blocks:

Yes, there's only one block in the picture. Exactly. I'm about half way through sewing the binding down now. But when I think about it, these blocks are quite a bit of work - I hand stitched all the applique pieces down - that took a while, then I machine quilted it quite heavily - also somewhat time consuming. Anyway, it's not a lot of eye candy for you.

Slowly I'm getting better at machine quilting - I was having tension issues at the start. I also began quilting with a shiny thread but had to unpick it all as it was making my machine crazy. One thing I really find hard is deciding what quilting designs to use to fill areas, it'll be great to practice a few more fillers and get comfortable using them. Such a close up picture really is warts and all, so maybe don't look too carefully lol!

And here is one of my favourite distractions:

Amy has been working a little bit, so the Grandma Gang has been pressed into service, and we have the babysitting schedule all worked out! Today was my turn in the rotation! <3 <3

Last of all for today, Carol in Texas asked last week what the background fabric in my hearts blocks was. I have to tell you that there is nothing to identify the fabric on the small piece I have left, but I took a screenshot from the online store where I got it from:

I realise it's probably not really helpful given that you're in the USA - Spotlight is a large craft/haby store here in Australia, so maybe they have a similar thing at one of your large chain stores over there? Happy fabric hunting!

Anyway, I am going to leave off here, baby minding has me worn out today, so I'll chatter soon! xox


Wendy Caton Reed said...

What a gorgeous block! And, what a sweet distraction. She is adorable. She will always treasure her time with her grandma's. How lucky we are to live close by to ours. So many of my friends are not as fortunate. I know you enjoy every moment with sweet baby Mary.

Frog Quilter said...

The fabric looks like the dimples line that comes in all colors.

Janet said...

Your grand daughter is beautiful. Her eyes are so pretty.
Your block is very pretty and you got it done very quickly. Love the circles on your quilting I love how you share everything you can. Enjoy your weekend.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Love that baby! so beautiful! The hearts are so pretty. Are you doing free motion quilting on your machine? Is it a long arm or domestic? I just cannot do domestic. Easier for me to do the long arm! Not a pro on it though and it is not computer driven! Hugs

Carol in Texas said...

Thank you Tazzie. I would guess our Walmarts might be the closest thing to your Spotlight stores. Ours does have fabrics but I have not been very impressed with their ‘hand’. They seem to have a sort of sailcloth feel. The fabric you show is a terrific choice for a background fabric.


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