Friday, July 23, 2021

A week for applique, and staying home ...

This week we are laying low and staying home, as our city is in lockdown for one week. Of course I never mind having extra time to spend in the sewing room, and we're happy to do what is best for all.

In quilting news, I finished quilting on a customer quilt last weekend, and then I started putting together an applique block I needed to catch up on. Here are the beginnings:

And in further progress:

And the final product:

I really like how it came out. This is one of Teresa from Fabric Therapy's Little Treasures blocks, and I sized it up to finish at 12". It's for a lovely friend.

And once that was complete, I started working on some Tangled Hearts blocks, also by Teresa, but in a Quiltmaker's 100 blocks magazine. It was from 2016, and I purchased a download copy, so if you feel inclined, you may still be able to do the same. I don't have a finish yet, but a good start:

It's my aim to finish the applique preparation up tonight, and I'll be able to get busy stitching tomorrow.

I had a question from last week that I wasn't able to reply to personally. Betty asked about one of my quilts on my quilt shelf. Thank you for stopping by Betty. The quilt you liked is called Omigosh and it was designed by Sue Garman. The pattern is available for sale from her website which is filled with amazing quilts!

Thank you also to Regina, Lilac Joan, Val and Randi T. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment!

That's all for now, I'll check back in soon! xox


Janet said...

Look at you go. You are getting so much done using Teresa's method. I guess I need to practice because I can't seem to get it to work for me.
Love the holly's (my favorite) and the tangled hearts.
Thank you for sharing. How is your weather? Is lockdown because of Covid? I am guilty of NOT listening to the news.

Pam said...

We are in lockdown #5. Hopefully it will be next week when it is lifted. I have finished 4 applique blocks this week.

Betty said...

Thank you for answering my question about your scrap quilt.
I have ordered the pattern. It will probably take me awhile to
make it. I also love your holly quilt and your blog.

Carol in Texas said...

Yazzie, I love the background fabric in the holly block. Can you tell me what it is? Good backgrounds are so important and hard to keep around.

Carol in Texas said...

Sorry…..not Yazzie! Tazzie! My spellcheck changes it and I didn’t catch it!

Jean McGee said...

Being in lockdown is a perfect time to sew and catchup with other projects. The applique looks lovely Tara you do such beautiful work.
Hope we can get back to normal soon and catch up with our quilting friends. 😍😍

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I'm afraid we will have another spike in Covid cases with all the traveling tourists arriving in our state. What crazy times. I am thankful for hand work as I am sure you are. I love Teresa's patterns and your rendition of the holly leaves is gorgeous!

simplestitches said...

you have been busy again, love the tangled hearts and the holly block


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