Saturday, March 09, 2013

List item checked!

Today I really wanted to spend some q-time with my sewing machine. I haven't visited with her for a whole week, and I was missing Bernie. But first, I made myself promise to do a housekeeping item on my everlasting check-list of things to do: Clean out the cupboard under the sink in my own bathroom. Ohhh, more horror!

The cupboard isn't that large, so how bad could it be?? Well, pretty darn bad!

Just so you know how long it has been since this little job has been done, I found a payslip in there (why??). It was from the month that we moved into this house - November 1999. So, effectively, that means I've NEVER cleaned up in there! Ohhh, the shame!

I think it may be the place where make-up and beauty products go to die. I was able to throw away a supermarket bag full of things with dubious expiration dates and old containers etc. I even tossed all the old make-up that I know I'd had for way too long. Am I right that we shouldn't really keep things beyond a year? I'm thinking that's what I've heard.

And here is the after. Looks like I was thinking at some point there would be a shortage of eyeshadow applicators, pressed powder foundation, soap and hair removal products. Hmmmm ... hoard much?? I think I will invest in a small set of drawers to fit in here some time - maybe it'll help to keep things organised.

See that wavy yellow container there in the corner there? My hubby made it in plastics class when he was in high school - I just love it - It's possible he doesn't even understand why I'm attached to it :-)

So, once that little detail was taken care of, I was able to make up some more of my scrappy blocks for the week. Here they are:

I love working up these scrappy blocks. It's possible I'm actually just dying to work on something other than Mrs Billings. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE Mrs Billings, but I've been working on it so solidly that I crave other things.

And speaking of Mrs Billings, I did get the large hexagon units finished last night, and now I'm going to work on some of the little hexagon units. Chatter soon! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the scrappy stars, we all need a change once in awhile to keep us going. I'm not even sure any more how many I am working on - and I intend to finish them all!

Pip said...

You have reminded me I must clean out my bathroom cupboard, I tend to "store" things that aren't used often there as well. Great scrappy blocks , yeah sometimes you do need a break from the "big project"

Shay said...

And that's one of the things that I love about you Tazz. You have no shame when it comes to airing your dirty laundry, bathroom, or whatever else needs cleaning.

Good on you for getting this job done. I’ve heard you shouldn’t keep mascara longer than 6 months. That’s just ridiculous. I keep mine about a year then toss it. I’m a lot more liberal with my other makeup though. I also stockpile soap and toothpaste . If there’s a nuclear holocaust I dont want to have stinky breath and armpits.

Love the scrappy stars my friend.

ruthsplace said...

Love the little quilt blocks! We have a couple of those plastic dishes too, my husband also made them at school.

I think 6 months for make-up is a marketing trick by the companies. Mascara I don't keep for more than a year and will throw it away if I get an eye infection. But the rest of the stuff seems to last for much longer without problems.

AnnieO said...

Lower cupboards just attract crap that you never look at again. That's just the truth! I do my bathroom cupboards about once every couple years when I can't fit anything else in there. Love the yellow plastic bowl too! And your scrappy stars are great. Definitely satisfying to do small piecing bits amid all the bigger projects :)


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