Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter Sunday has been great - we had a lovely time in Mannum. Lunch at the Pretoria Hotel, a visit with Puppa in the cemetery, coffee and chattering with Nanna at her home, and of course the exchange of Easter gifts.

One thing I love to do when we're in Mannum is browse the wares at one of the local second hand stores. They always have lovely things to see, and though I often don't purchase anything, you never know when you may snag a bargain.

Today I brought home two things from the store:

First up a really sweet milk glass footed bowl. It's large enough to be used as a fruit bowl, and that's just what I'll use it for. At $15.00 definitely not a budget breaker. The picture makes it look smaller than it is - it's around 10" across the top.

And second, a set of silver plated coasters. I always try to use coasters when we put drinks down on a surface, so these are a step up from the cork backed ones we're usually using. At $12.00 not too bad either. They did have a set for $18.00 with the holder, but I think it's rare they'll not be in use, so I decided to leave that set behind.

Nanna is always sorting through her bits and pieces and sending things home with us, and today she gave me a really sweet Carltonware bowl, and a little juicer that looks like Carltonware, but I'm not sure as it's not marked on the back.

The bowl has some pretty crazy staining, but I'm wondering if I soak it in a bleachy solution for a while if it may tone down a little. Ideas anyone?

On the WW front, I've been very restrained today, but with all this chocolate in the house, who knows what tomorrow may bring! Chatter soon :-)


Impera Magna said...

Oh my goodness! I have that same exact milk glass fruit bowl in my kitchen... and I use it for fruit too!

You came up with a couple of good finds there...

Not sure about how to lighten stains but a bleach solution may help... good luck!

Paisley Jam Designs said...

Hi Tara You could try lemon juice and a fine tooth brush !.
Also all china should be left to soak in water for a while at least twice a year, if it is not in regular use. The china absorbs some of the moisture and stops it from crazy cracking !
Love the little bowl your Nan gave you, so sweet.
Jen x

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

A friend who has a background in antiques suggests soaking the china in a milk bath until the milk goes sour. I haven't tried that but hey it can't hurt can it?



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