Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ebay to the rescue

Yay for Ebay! Last night while trolling around, I found not one but two candelabras to grace the table for our formal dinner party. Interestingly, they were from two separate vendors, one here in Australia, and one in Scotland. The wonderful vendor in Scotland has marked theirs as shipped already, so hopefully it'll be here before the big day. What wonderful service! Here's a pic:

Now I'm hoping I'll find three more of my Masons Vista dinner plates, and it's looking good. I'm beyond thrilled, and can't wait until all my purchases get here!

And after this little spree is done with, I think I'm going to hide my cards for a while ... probably a good idea :-)


Shay said...

Very very classy! You're going all out for this dinner party.

Sue said...

Wow!! If I'd known you were looking for that Candelabra I would have given you the one I have which is exactly the same. I got it somewhere years ago and I don't want it any more. Do you need 3?? It'll fit in my bag haha!


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