Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Latest Rail Fence Blocks

Over the last two evenings I made up some more rail fence blocks for the block exchange Linda, Donna and I are having fun with. I made fifteen blocks total, five each for the three of us. They go together very quickly, and though I'm using my 10" squares from Somerset Patchwork & Quilting, I know they'd make great scrap-busters too.

My favourite colour combination this time is the pink and black block in the middle at the back. I seem to have used a lot of darker fabrics this time - I'll have to use some more mid toned fabrics in my next blocks.

Most likely I'll be back to the Farmers Wife blocks this evening, must keep pushing on! Chatter soon xox


Pip said...

Scrap busters, that's for me, I've got lots of strips waiting for something to be made with them, thanks for the idea Tazzie.

Lorraine said...

Looking good! FW...Mrs Billings and Rail Fence.....I am exhausted just trying to keep up with your blog posts! LOL

paulette said...

I am loving this fabric!!! Gorgeous!!

Meredith said...

Nice easy blocks to piece, great fabrics

Melzie said...

very pretty fall colors :)
xoxo melzie

AnnieO said...

All yummy! I like the one with cheddar and the red middle square. Ummm.


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