Wednesday, March 19, 2008

...this my newest favourite thing ...

... I was singing to myself ... you know, to THAT song. Apologies in advance if you get the Favourite Things song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

A parent of one of Cam's little classmates has a lovely shop nearby, and I've promised for a little while that I'd stop by. Natalie and I had lunch on Monday in the same shopping mall, so popped on over for a chatter and a browse.

I knew I'd be getting a candle, but just had to come home with these 'Car Jar's' too. Mel told me to just cut the plastic wrap off little by little, because they're very strong and will last a long time. My car smells like rose petals - just lovely! No more supermarket air-fresheners for this girl :-)

Ohhh, and the placemat in the background is a favourite thing too. They're gracing the table in my family room. A wonderful find just before Christmas.

Nothing quilty to report ... still quilting :-) Talk to you soon!


loulee said...

Hunneys car smells of French Vanilla! Yummy! They are very strong and they last a long time too, enjoy.

Rose Johnston said...

I too have the supermarket vanilla car this idea!!!
Happy Easter hun xxx

Unknown said...

Love all that beautiful blue and white...


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