Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Four weeks!

Checking my 'to do' list the other day, I realised that I have a magazine deadline looming in four weeks time. Hmmmm ... must get onto that I thought, as I hadn't even started the quilt at all!

Tonight I put that to rights - I've cut out the applique shapes, and when I'm done here, I'll pin the pieces to the background fabric.

The quilt will be called 'Spring Fling'. It's mostly pieced, and will also have several needle-turn appliqued blocks, and other little applique bits and pieces. It'll all make sense as I go along.

I have a further two customer quilts to work on, but both of them are very much 'non urgent'. They can wait a little while I ease my mind working on the new project. I'll check back soon and let you know how it's all going ... x o x


Ruth's Place said...

Love your background fabric!

Pam said...

I keep looking for you in the Australian magazines we get here but I haven't found you yet. I think the magazines we get here are about 2 years behind. Good luck with the new project - I will look for it - it sounds like a cute one!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh my...I hope you work well under pressure!

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh Tazzie such interesting fabrics, am looking forward to seeing the final result.


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