Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quilting Physics

I think I have discovered a flaw in the laws of Quilting Physics. Think about your scraps and your yardage. Why is it that when you have some gorgeous yardage, and you put it into that special project there is just nothing left. Nothing. But the scraps, you keep on using them, and using them ... and using them ... and they just never go away! I don't understand it? I was cutting up some pieces in my scrap box the other day, and I found some more fabric from my first ever project. I can't believe I haven't used it all up yet. I think it's reproducing!

But still, it's fun to use up scraps. I was quilting on the quilt in the picture last night, and as I was working my way around it, I found myself reminiscing about the fabrics and the other quilts they'd been in. These blocks really have a LOT of my quilting history in them. Fabric from my DJ quilt, fabric that Linda has given to me, ones that I purchased in Paducah, fabric from my childrens quilts and other treasured projects, and other fabric that I can't even imagine how they found their way into my stash. Judging by my scrap stash, I'll be scrap quilting for a good long time yet, thank heavens I'm learning to love it!

And another thing to thank the heavens for ... it rained yesterday. Almost all day! And it's raining again today, and likely will tomorrow too! We need it so badly.

Marty and the kids were out in the backyard during one of the breaks between showers, and had an opportunity to snap some of the local wildlife. Aren't the colours just gorgeous?

I have so many chores to get thru today before I head to work, so I better go face the day. x o x


jovaliquilts said...

Very neat photos! I love the angle you took for the quilt shot, and the birds are, well, just gorgeous!

*karendianne. said...

I enjoyed your musings about the scraps in your quilt & scraps in general.

Are those Lorie's in your YARD? Wow!

~*karendianne owned by a female Eclectus Parrot & an Amazon among other critters. ;>

Lissa Jane said...

to stop scraps breeding.. you gotta have the boys and girls separate silly! LOL
I know what you mean, the sacred holy stash disappears at a rate of knots, but scraps? move from one tub to two then before you blink there's a garbage bag or two..


~Joan said...

One of my children glanced at the monitor when I was looking at "your" birds and asked why someone put the plastic birds in the tree! LOL!!


Bonnie said...

I agree with you about the scraps. There are some fabrics in my scrap bin that I have absolutely no idea where they came from or how I used them.

Those birds are beautiful. What vibrant colors!

Anonymous said...

Yay for rain!! Your bird picture is making me homesick.

Love your scrap quilt picture.

Unknown said...

I keep finding more and more in my stash of a fabric I used to make a dress for my daughter 27 years ago. It won't go away!

Those birds are in your YARD?? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lissa Jane said you had to separate the girls from the boys to keep the scrap from breeding...but how do you determine which is which? My scraps are breeding like crazy!

Helen in the UK said...

Scraps do breed!! Maybe it is that they have more cut edges exposed or that we tend to store them jumbled with others! It is fun when you work with scraps to find little bits from long forgotten projects :)

tami said...

I remember growing up all the quilts we had were made by my grandmother. My mother would point out fabrics from her clothes when she was little. I guess my grandmother's scraps must have bred as well to be around for so many years.

Shelina said...

I still remember as a beginning quilter when I thought I would never have enough fabric to make a scrap quilt. Of course, I really haven't made one yet - still collecting the scraps, and still buying fabric for scrap quilts.

MARCIE said...

Hi Taz-how are you? Love your scraps quandry. My standard reply is that I use a lot of "reproduction" fabrics. You always find clever ways to use them, so I'll watch for what is next!


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