Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ewww ...

There was a competition recently in blogland, to see who had the messiest cutting area. Shame the competition wasn't this week. I may have been in the running.

I've been rushing from one commitment to the next, and haven't drawn breath in-between. This evening I've slowed down a little, and I'm horrified at the state of my work area.

I haven't managed to put away the patterns that I photocopied during the week, my scraps and offcuts are all over the place, well, I don't need to go on, you can see it all there.

And for something I quickly wanted to share, my friend Kathy has recently started a business, and her website is up and running. I'm so excited for her, so please take a moment to go check it out. Her business is called Style Call, and if you're local to Adelaide, give her a call.

Talk to you soon ... x o x


Clare said...

I've discovered that if my sewing area is cluttered I can't do anything. I'm hoping to apply that theory to the rest of the house ROTFLOL!


Quilts And Pieces said...

It just looks like a well used working area!

Shelina said...

Sorry Tazzie, I wouldn't vote for you - I can still see your cutting mat. That is usually what my area looks lieke after I clean!


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