Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Just call me a quilter with ADD. Well, the truth of it is this - I just haven't had much time to piece on my own projects lately, and when I have had some minutes to myself, I have wanted to work on simple things.

These are destined to be little 'candle mats'. I hope I can quilt them up tonight. I'll see I go for time - I can't believe how late it is already! I'd like them to be for the Etsy store (cuz I think it's empty right now!) but I'll see how attached I get to them :-)

I also need to get busy with customer quilting. I have five projects lined up. Four of which I was given today at the store. Busy busy busy :-) Isn't it wonderful to have a job doing the thing that I love! Have a great day all! x o x


Jeanne said...

The candle mats are very cute, Tazzie. I hope you get more time for your projects soon.

Anonymous said... one who has completed a Dear Jane can have ADD too badly, lolololol!!

Candle mats are cute :)

*karendianne. said...

These are lovely and I'm inspired - again. You do that!!! You're ADD is our gain apparently.

Circle of Giving Love, *karendianne.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, and you have too many finishes to have quilter ADD :)


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