Monday, February 04, 2008

Getting back to it ...

Cameron and Amy went off to school this morning, so suddenly the house is very quiet. It's Cameron's first day at the 'big school', and he looked so adorable in his uniform :-) Sooo ... this means I get days to myself now. I predict plenty of sewing time in my future!

Because the Royal Cross quilt is completed, and all bits and pieces are almost ready to go in the mail, today I thought I'd piece a little on my Carolina Crossroads blocks. I haven't had the chance to work on the mystery for a couple of weeks, and it feels great to get back into it.

After seeing Forest Jane's quilt with red sashing strips, I thought I'd like to do the same. I don't have very much red fabric at all, so I popped on over to Z&S to order myself some. Love that shop! I ordered many different reproduction style reds, and a cute background fabric that was on sale too. Given that it's a flat rate for shipping here to Australia, it makes sense to fill up a postal envelope.

Marty is away right now - I'm hoping he'll get back tonight. We were on our way to get dinner on Saturday night, and he received a call to let him know that he had a work emergency about a five hour drive away. Normally he'd be back sometime the next day, but here it is Monday afternoon and he's not home yet. All part of the job I guess, but such a shame that we had to cancel plans with friends on Sunday.

I'm heading back to the sewing room for a little while before I go pick up the kids. I can't wait to hear how their days have been :-)


Clare said...

Hope Marty gets back soon. The house seems really weird without Alex this week. DH and I are wandering around aimlessly!

I like the red top right.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I am loving how your blocks look! I can't wait to see it all together. Don't you just love Z&S! I can't wait to get back there this summer when I visit mom!

Ruth's Place said...

Your blocks look great! Hope Marty gets back soon.

loulee said...

Time to sit and sew.....Bliss! I'll be back there soon.

Rose Johnston said...

Im soooo behind on blog reading....4 more sleeps till Anne Ida gets here.
Im the same this year, both kids in full time kinda sorta looking forward to it (i imagine tears lol)
Cant wait to see ur version of Bonnies definetley joining in next time!!! I love what i have been seeing!!
Hugs xxx

MARCIE said...

Tazzie, I can already tell your quilt will be killer gorgeous! I should follow right along with you (and copy the whole thing).


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