Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stash Report & Stuff

Here's my stash report for this week. No fabric purchases at all - even though I was tempted to go and purchase some fat quarters. I've done a little piecing - the mystery project, so I've used up some more of my 1.5" strips.

A tiny project for using up some of my brighter 1.5" strips was to make up a mat for the mosaic candle holder you see in the picture. It's a 6" log cabin block, I'm guessing the actual mosaic piece is about 10" high. It was a gift for my friend Sharon who had a birthday on the weekend, and of course I couldn't share it until she actually received it! I have a few more of the same to make this week toward Christmas gifts.

On Sunday night our family, and Sharon's family went for a trip to Lobethal to see the Christmas lights. This is a picture of our favourite of the light displays. My picture isn't great - and we're limited with the camera we have, but you get the idea. We're getting a new camera tomorrow - let's see if the quality of my pictures improve - or perhaps it's actually the operator *vbs*

I had some excitement yesterday, I purchased a new washer and dryer. I have been squirreling little bits of money away for a little while toward the goal. We've had the old ones for 18 years now - so they'd had a good innings. I love the new washing machine, it's a front loader, and I've heard great things about them. Today though, Marty was unpacking the dryer, and we were so sad to see that the side of it is all dented in. I'm going to have to take it back tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, they said it was their last one. They're going to have to work something out for me - it's just unacceptable that so often the customer is on the wrong end of quality control issues.

Tonight I'm going to some more work done on my friend Jenny's quilt. I'm hoping to have it finished for her tomorrow. Super fun! :-)


Ms. Jan said...

Love the candle holder and mat, Tazzie!

You are going to love that front-loader for sure. I can't believe how much bigger the loads can be and how much less water it uses. Double bonus! At least you are at the time of year when you can hang the wash out and not be totally dependent on the dryer--until they make it right.


sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, Tazzie, I'm sorry that happened when you were looking forward to a new one. Hopefully they'll get a new one for you right away.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sorry to hear about the dryer ... and I completely agree that being the customer lately just isn't as much "fun" as it used to be because of all the work it takes to get people to do the right thing! Best wishes for a healthy new dryer...

Patti said...

Your picture of the lights is beautiful - I don't see anything wrong with it. However I know you will have so much fun with a new camera.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dryer. How very, very disappointing for you! I've learned recently that many companies don't even have any quality control department any more. They say it costs less to send a new item to a customer who gets a dud than it costs to run a quality control department. My answer was this - it may cost less but it sure destroys the customer's faith in the company. And this wasn't a cheap item we were talking about either - it was a new motherboard for our computer!

I sure hope you get a replacement dryer very quickly. I know you'll love your washer - I sure love mine. Only catch with a front loader is that it does a lousy job of felting wool.

Susan said...

I guess it was time for new washing machine and dryer! I hope you can work out something for the dryer - at least a reduced price, if nothing else. How disappointing.

Jenni said...

Not good enough, is it? Hope you get a new one, or else a very big discount.


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