Saturday, December 29, 2007

Carolina Crossroads Pt. 3

It has been hot here today 37c (98.6f), so indoor activities have been on the agenda. I've now completed part three of the Carolina Crossroads mystery, and I've got a few of the pieces put together toward part four.

I'm taking tentative steps with the new camera, always with Marty hovering close. I can see there is a lot to learn - I've been using a 'point and shoot' cybershot, and now with this beastie there are so many more options. I can see I'm already able to get so much more light in my pictures.

Also today, I've been doing some re-arranging in the hallway. Did you know that I love blue and white china? If you visit my home, you'd be left with absolutely no doubt ... and now you can see it from the front door too!

I treated myself to a new parlour palm. I've managed to keep the one in the lounge room alive for a couple of years now, so I thought I could try for another. If I look closely, maybe there is a tinge of green in my thumb after all!

Think cool thoughts for us - the next few days are going to be hot hot hot. On new years eve we're expecting 41c (105.8f). I'm thinking longingly of my buddies in the northern hemisphere with their snow drifts ...


Joyce said...

Wow! THat is HOT! I think I prefer our -14 right now. Your hallway looks beautiful.

Silverthimble said...

as you think of us in the snowbanks, we will be thinking of you in the hot sun! I would trade snow for sun any day! Happy New Year!

Susan said...

I don't have any snow, but I'd swap you in a heartbeat! I hate being cold - we are only going up to around 60 F today - 15 C or so. Which means it's around freezing in the morning and after the sun goes down, and I just despise it! 100-110 sounds perfect to me, especially if the humidity is low!

Your CC blocks are looking good. I think this is going to be a lovely quilt, whatever the pattern. You can't go wrong with blues and browns!

Mary Johnson said...

I like your colors for the Quiltville mystery. I'm anxious to see every-one's quilts.

I'll take the snow these days too anything over 100 is TOO hot for me. I'm so proud of myself - I drove today for the first time in the snow (I've lived here a year but managed to avoid it so far). Granted it was a light snow and the highways were clear but the secondary roads still had plenty of snow and ice. Luckily I live downtown so I don't usually have to drive.

McIrish Annie said...

We have warmed up to 40 degrees F today which is bearable. I would love to be able to swim on New Year's Day. I love the blue & white very cool yet welcoming.

Shelina said...

Your hallway does look beautiful - I really like blue and white china too, and am trying my best to not start a collection. The palm looks wonderful there.
I'm impressed that you are doing the Royal Crosses as well as the mystery quilt. Both are looking great. The Royal Crosses is just amazingly beautiful already.

atet said...

Your new photos are lovely and the Carolina Crossroads progress is making me want to start it. My Christmas presents are done so I could...oh wait, I have way too many projects already lined up!! EEEKK!!! I'll think cool thoughts for your New Year's celebrations and hope that the new year brings you joy and love.

Unknown said...

I would GLADLY send you our snow if I could. It's pretty but it's no friend to my family this year.

Love your blue and white. I am a fan of that too!


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