Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mystery quilt progress ...

Wow! Bonnie wasn't kidding when she said this step should keep us busy for a bit! Working with these little pieces is definitely time consuming. I guess I'm around half way through Part 2 right now - I'll be done with them by Friday I'm thinking. These little blocks are so cute, and I can't even imagine right now where we're heading with this project :-)

Not quilt related ... a number of you have asked how Holly is getting along with Gracie. I'm amazed and happy to say that after a nervous first couple of days they're actually playing together. Holly was very unsure of her to begin with, and we were a little concerned because she's so much larger than Gracie. We knew things were getting better when Holly wasn't hissing at her, and even went so far to lick her a few times. While I still wouldn't leave them together alone for any great length of time, I feel sure they're going to be snuggle buddies in no time. I'm really glad we didn't leave Holly alone for too long, it could have been a tricky situation.

And most importantly ... tomorrow is Miss Amy's birthday. Can you believe that my little princess is turning 13! Where did all that time go? I have to work at the shop during the day, so she's having the day at a friend's house, and then in the evening we're taking her out to dinner with family at her favourite restaurant. It should be a lovely evening.

I'll check back in with you all on Friday to let you know how things went. Have a good one :-)


Rose Johnston said...

Happy 13th Birthday to Amy!!! Becoming a teenager is a very important milestone, hope u enjoy ur nite out!!
Glad to hear Grace and Holly r getting on well!!!
Hugs xxx

Clare said...

Happy Birthday to Amy. A Very Important Birthday Indeed. Alex is 13 next March which makes Amy 3 months older. Just wondering - do you think they'd like to hook up as pen pals or is that asking too much of 13 year olds who spend their time plugged into a MP3 player, texting their friends 24/7 or on MSN LOL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Is your accent color RED?? I couldn't see enough of your blocks to tell. Isnt this fun? I just finished my 9-patches.

My 3rd daughter just turned 13. What a great age. We call our girls YLITs (it rhymes with violets...Y-lits). It stands for young ladies in training! Of coure, we've been using this name for years and years as our oldest girl is 17.

Happy Birthday to Amy.


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Enjoy the time you have with her--it goes very fast. (Voice of experience here...)

Glad the kitties are doing well. We had my daughter's two cats for two years while she was living abroad and they didn't get along with our cat AT ALL. We were told we should have introduced them all gradually. But how in the heck do you actually DO that?

Anne Ida said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMY!!! Becoming a teenager is a very important step in growing up :o)

Happy the cat and the kitty is playing nice :o)


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