Monday, April 09, 2007

Two mitts - a pair!

First up, a big thank you to Computerpeach Kim for the wonderful graphic for our April Fabric Diet. What fun to have my buttons automatically update!

We're having a bit of a 'veg' day today. I do plan to do some chores after I'm done on here, but not too much. Yesterday was a lovely day spent in Mannum with my Grandparents. Nanna just loved the little table topper I made up for her. It's so much fun to know that she appreciates my addiction so much. Her Easter gift was kind of a happy accident, because I made too many border blocks, but sometime this year I'll make her a planned project. I always have to ask her to USE them, as she always thinks they're too precious to use. It's amazing, a lot of people feel that way.

Nanna and I went visiting with some of her friends, and on the way home we stopped by the lookout to check out the view of the river. She tells me that the river level has dropped 3 feet. In the city apart from the water restrictions we don't really feel the effects of the drought we're in the midst of. Out here in the country we can see the brown hills, and the mud where water used to be. Let's hope this winter will bring lots of rain here in Australia.

Last night I managed to finish the second mitt. See them there - they're almost identical!! And that little bundle of wool is all I have left over. More than the last ball, how mysterious? I'm going to put the little bit left over in a ziploc baggie with the label from the ball, just in case I need to make a repair someday. And because I'm a knitting fool lately ... I cast on a new pair of socks last night. I have no idea how these ones are going to go. I purchased the yarn at the craft fair last year, and this stuff is 6ply. I haven't managed to find a pattern for six ply, so who knows, I may have to make them to fit me, and give them away to a friend with bigger feet. Nothing like flying by the seat of your pants!

Hope you've all had a great weekend, take it easy on the chocolate, okay?


Quilts And Pieces said...

I'm so glad Nanna loved her table topper - that is so sweet. And I LOVE your mitt's. It is so cool how that yarn ends up making that design. Those mitts are sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

The mittens look great! I hope you get lots of rain this winter too, I know my family in Oz is really suffering with water restrictions and all.

Loved the table topper for you Nanna.

Wendy said...

The mittens are so cute. I found a pattern today on the web for mitts with cables. Too advanced for me, I will practise with more socks first.


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