Friday, April 20, 2007

10am and the house is still

I'm the only one moving around the house this morning. Marty is off at work, Amy is sleeping over at my Mum's, and Cameron is still asleep! He and Marty were out a little late-ish last night and I'm always happy to let Cam sleep in if he needs it. Fortunately it's school holidays right now, so we don't have to race out the door anytime soon.

Two 'show and tell' items for you today. First up, I finished another sock - this is a cute colourway. This is the 6ply yarn, and gosh it feels so much thicker than the 4ply I'm now accustomed to. I did a much better job with the kitchener stitch, and only slipped two off before I should have. I've secured them with some stitches while I was sewing in the end, so all should be well. I predict that by about my 20th sock I should have this down to a fine art!

Second item is some blocks I started making up last night. I'm making a little topper for our coffee table in the family room. It measures 21" x 42", so I was racking my brain to think of blocks I could make to fit that unusual size. First I was thinking of 7" blocks, but couldn't find any I wanted to use, and then while looking thru the book that goes with my Marti Michell templates, I found a 10.5" block - perfect! It's called Lincoln's Platform, and I'm using all the same size pieces I used for the blue and cream top. Amazing I could find any blue and cream scraps left in there!

Still keeping 'some' of those housekeeping balls high in the air. Yesterday I was looking at Cam's play mat in the family room, you know the ones with the roads and buildings. I was wondering how I would ever clean it effectively ... when I realised it would probably fit in the washing machine. It sure did and when it was done I hung it on the line (participated in the US hang out the washing day without realising). I was able to bring it in before Cam even missed it. It came up as clean as the day I found it in the rug shop ... umm ahem ... I mean the day Santa delivered it!


Leah Spencer said...

First thought that popped into my mind was, oh! You're doing Judy L's first HAD quilt: Taylor. But yeah, I can see the slight differences. Looks good. :)

Unknown said...

Cool blocks! Terrific progress for one day. Very, very jealous of your time to sew.

I love the historic name of that block--it would be fun to do it in Civil War repros.

Gail said...

I like the blocks, but I really like the sock. I have to get someone who knows how to show me how to knit a sock....I've started, but am up to the heel, and even the good online videos don't help a REAL newbie like me!

atet said...

Love the sock and the blocks -- and am jealous of the quite time to work! I need to start juggling some of my own cleanin balls, so it's good to know it CAN be done!

Ms. Jan said...

I just started turning the heels of my first pair of socks yesterday. I'm nervous about the gusset, but my pal/teacher Lynn says to wait for her at the next quilt guild meeting, and so I shall!

Tonya Ricucci said...

ooh, love the blocks. with those colors it all looks so peaceful (as well as pieceful).


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