Friday, April 27, 2007

New Project

This is the beginnings of the new project I drew up on Sunday night. It doesn't look all that interesting yet, but I'm excited about how it's coming along.

Linda and I exchanged a whole lot of nine patches during last year, and I used up a lot to make the zig-zag nine patch project earlier this year. I still had 110 nine patch blocks left over and was looking for a way to use them up.

This quilt needs 136 blocks, so I've made up the extra 26 blocks I need, and I'm currently working on sashing strips. 100 of the nine patches were sewed together to make twenty five blocks like you see in the picture. My blocks will all be set on point, so after the sashing strips are completed I will need to cut up some setting triangles.

I'm having fun using up scrap and stash fabrics, and it's amazing, I'm really starting to see the fabric piles getting smaller! I'll be sewing away for the rest of this afternoon and this evening - my time is entirely my own right now. Marty has taken the kids over to the beach house for a couple of days, so until tomorrow sometime if you're looking for me ... the sewing room is where I'll be!

Ohh, and the sewing room is clutter free now - all the quilts and furniture have been returned to their rightful places in the lounge and dining rooms. Thank heavens - the complete disarray was making me twitchy!


Chookyblue...... said...

can't wait to see this when you get it together.

Melanie said...

Everyone needs time by themselves now and then... have fun.

Anonymous said...

OK - you're making me feel bad now - your fabric scraps are really diminishing and your house it neat! LOL! I'm afraid neither of those statements will ever be posted on my blog! You are very inspiring - you are so productive. Can't wait to see this quilt - I love all scrap quilts.

Rose Johnston said...

Tazzie,I love when u start a new project and u show tidbits....makes my mind work overtime wondering how it will look finished.....ill eagerly await your progress!!!...Enjoy ur time alone (but i bet u miss them already!!)
Thnx heaps for ur congrats on my blog!!!

Angie said...

Tazzie, you have so much motivation and energy! I know I frequently say that to you, but girlfriend, it's true! :D Even with a family, you still accomplish LOADS of new projects...can't wait to see this one you're working on. :) Enjoy your time alone, sewing up a storm! :)

Darlene said...

Another beauty in the making! Enjoy this time, Tazzie.

Elaine Adair said...

..... watching to see what develops!

Enjoy your free/sewing time!

Mary Johnson said...

I love 9 patch quilts - can't wait to see this one progress.

Keith is gone this weekend too so I'm retreating with the HeartString group.

Nicole & Phil said...

I have enjoyed looking at all your lovely quilts!
Thank you for sharing!


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