Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can hardly move!

Everyone knows this is not what my sewing room normally looks like. Ohhh my goodness, I can hardly move in here.

We've had our carpets cleaned in the lounge and dining room today, and that meant everything had to come outta there. All except for that enormous wall unit of course. Thank you so much to Flylady, it took less than an hour to empty both rooms. No clutter in there before ... and nothing at all now!

I will say ... and look away now if you have a delicate constitution ... that the middle of the night bathroom visit was hazardous with random furniture in unusual places. I don't like to wake hubby going to the ensuite ... is that too much information for you all? *ggls*

I just don't know how I'm going to get any sewing done - I can't put the stuff back until this evening. And I really must get some sewing done! I have a top which needs quilting and binding for a customer, I have to give it back to her on Thursday, and I have a new commission for the magazine.

On Sunday evening a little thought of a quilt drifted into my head, so I quickly drew it up on the computer lest it drift away again. I thought it was cute, so emailed the picture to the editor late Sunday night, and 8.30am on Monday morning, I received an email commissioning the quilt. Woohoo! Talk about fast turnaround! I've stitched a little of it, and when I have my space back again, I'll show you some little sneaky peeks.

Have a wonderful time in Paducah to those of you getting ready to travel - gosh I wish I was going with you. Be sure to take lots of pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tazzie !
How comforting, to read that I'm not alone with my mess ! LOL
When working outside, I didn't see the house "in details", but now that I'm home I tend to focus on everything and I'm never finished with housekeeping... not to speak about the sewing corner ! So, today I'm clearing that little "heavenly corner" of mine, just like you !

Keep smiling !
Big hugs,

Clare said...

Know the feeling - chaos reigns supreme here! Great news about the quilt design. Looking forward to seeing the pictures

Melanie said...

Congrats on the quilt design... I know what it's like when you get something in your head and it just won't leave.... can't wait to see the project.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Well done on your commission! It'll be fun to see snippets of your design before it's printed.

Quilts And Pieces said...

I'll be missing you in Paducah! Wow is that a great turn-around! How fun!

Rose Johnston said...

Wow Tazzie, that is just so wonderful!!! but how can u work when ur sewing room is cluttered???.....come use mine, i could use ur tips!!!! lol
Take care!!!

atet said...

I'd offer to help you tidy up, but I think the commute is a bit extreme. Congrats on the commission and I hope you get your sewing area rearranged quickly!

Jenni said...

I was shocked when I saw the photo of your sewing room Tazzie, as I know the FLyLady lives in there. Now I see why - I just love my timber floors! Congratulations on the commission, you are becoming quite famous.

Elaine Adair said...

You may be discombobulated now, but when you get it all back in place, you will be so enthused with the clean carpet, you will work/play/quilt like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the commission. I love getting my subscription and seeing your quilts in there!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I guess I missed it...what magazine are your published in?

You will feel so great when you get put back together and then for a long time you will not want to mess it up!

Wendy said...

Congrats on the commission and how fast that was. Can't wait to see what the design is. I hope you get your room back soon.

Susan said...

I always hated having the carpets cleaned. We found a place that would move the furniture out, though, so we just had to move it back in. =)

I learned to walk through our bedroom in the dark to get to the bathroom. I wouldn't go into the bathroom without turning on the light after I stepped on a scorpion in there one night. Ow, ow, ow! Now, of course, it's a very short walk. But nothing wakes Paul up anyway. Well, the screaming and yelling after the scorpion got me did, but normally nothing does.


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