Friday, April 05, 2024

It's April already!

Are you like me and thinking time is dashing by faster and faster? I just can't believe a week has disappeared already, but here we are at Friday evening. I had to think a little to remember what I achieved this week, so let's see what I can recall ...

Because of the positive reaction to Mushroom Chu-Chu's baby quilt, I did end up writing the pattern to put in my Etsy store, thank you to those of you who asked about it:

You can click on the picture to take you to my store, or any of the links in the sidebar. 

I also mentioned last week that I'd made some more of the tiny nine patches but hadn't taken a picture yet, so I can share that with you today. My photo isn't great, photography has never been one of my super powers lol ...

It was so much fun to work with lots of different fabrics somewhat like those from the challenge. Certainly more time consuming than making them all the same (or mostly the same) as I'd done up to now. I haven't made any more toward this week's allocation, or caught up on some of the past weeks - there hasn't been much free time for the sewing room, so maybe that's a job for this coming weekend.

Something I did tackle over the Easter break was picking back up on the Morrell quilt, and one of the tricker blocks beckoned:

This is Block 48 - Triple Irish Chain, and the block is 10in finished size, so they are approx 1/2in finished pieces. Yes, you read that right approx 1/2in finished. This block fought me the whole way, following the directions had me with a strip set that was about an inch larger than it needed to be, so I had to make a new plan and do whatever I could to get the block made. It took three days to get the block together which may be a new record for me - and I didn't love the process. But now that it's made I just love it, and I'm super glad I perservered.

Would you like to see the back of the block? It's pretty much all seam allowances:

To reduce the bulk somewhat I decided to do the last press with seam allowances open, and the block is pretty stiff with starch. And a fun thing is that I'll be able to use some of the leftovers toward the tiny nine patch blocks. Win-win!

In other stolen moments I've done a little hand quilting here and there, but there's been little other action in the sewing room. This weekend is Amy's baby shower, and also a family birthday party, but I'm sure I'll be able to get some quilt therapy here and there. I'll be sure to let you know! Chatter soon xox


Hanne said...

You do beautiful work, as always :-)
I guess the times-go-fast is a thing we all experience every so often.

dq said...

Woah, those are very tiny pieces. I think that is the same size squares as the Omigosh quilt. I bet it is so pretty in real life when you can see how tiny they are.


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