Friday, July 15, 2022

I think I'm a last minute deadline kind of girl ...

How do you go with deadlines? I usually get things done in time, but lately I'm noticing (especially from a quilting perspective) that I'm dealing with deadlines in a last minute kind of way. I haven't started any of this month's shoo fly blocks, and I haven't even considered what I'll make for this month's mini quilt. They'll be a lovely task in these last two weeks of July ... but not just yet ...

This week I concentrated on getting more applique shapes ready for the last four blocks of my Lily Rosenberry project:

I made a bajillion little circle berries too, but they're hiding in the container with all the other little berries. I can't wait to get this project to the quilting stage, I'm already thinking of all the ways I'd like to hand quilt it. Patience ... patience ... :-)

And when I tired of the applique shapes, I started putting little Mary's playmat together. I had teased you with the fabrics a couple of weeks ago, and here's where I'm at:

I just need to stitch the binding down and it's all done. Tomorrow if I'm ready I'll take it over to Amy's house and we can take some pictures so I can refresh my Etsy listing, and then I'll just leave it there so Mary can start using it right away. Mary loves thumbing through her little board books and has some favourite soft and wooden toys, so she can pile them on the mat and play wherever she likes. I joke with my friends that Amy has no idea of the tsunami of handmade items heading her way for little Mary ;-)

On another completely different note ... while I was working on my applique shapes this week, I was thinking of lovely Teresa from Fabric Therapy, and I wondered if anyone knows how she's doing? She was such a prolific blogger and stitcher and is an all around lovely person. Her blog has been quiet for quite a while now, and I've been concerned for her. I hope she's doing well, has anyone heard from her? Sending big love and hugs her way xoxox

That's is from me for this week, I'd really like to get busy on that binding ... right now! Chatter soon xoxox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have missed Teresa's applique posts as well and I used to be in touch with her a bit - I sent her a message asking how she is doing and will let you know if I hear from her. I think it was when she moved from Michigan to Alabama that she started to blog less and less and then when covid struck it was even less than before.
At times I can be a last minute worker on my quilts and I hate to rush

JustGail said...

I emailed her a few months ago asking if she's doing ok, never heard back. Then again, other than leaving a few comments, she has no idea who I am, so no reply doesn't really surprise me.
I too miss reading about her fantastic quilts. And the history she's presented along with the latest quilt she was working on.

Anonymous said...

Without deadline, nothing happens in my life. I depend on deadlines, and will make them up if I need to, in order to accomplish something. I, too, miss Teresa.

Nancy said...

I look at those beautifully prepared applique pieces and think, what a lot of time went into making them. Looking forward to seeing them in your next block.
As far as deadlines, I try to work as far in advance as possible. I don't always succeed but mostly I do. I'm a terrible last minute person. When faced with sudden a deadline my brain stops working. I think maybe that comes from being an introvert.
Hope you have a good weekend, Tazzie.

Kyle said...

Lists and deadlines keep me going...usually😉

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Yup! Deadlines a good for me, what kills my creativity is having to take care of idiots who do not know their jobs and cause me so many times to have to make phone calls to correct their errors. Last week was one of those!

You are doing great on Lilly - I have to just start appliquéing and quilt answering the phone! LOL. Hugs


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