Friday, July 29, 2022

And this week - not so productive!

It absolutely makes me smile - I rolled into this week thinking of all the stitching I was going to get done - I had such grand plans! And really, I actually managed to achieve very little in the sewing room. Which is perfectly okay, sometimes life gets super busy with other things!

I looked after little Mary for an extra day this week as her other Grandma has been sick. It was supremely lovely to spend so much time with the little honey, but goodness me it is exhausting minding a toddler! I must have had so much more energy when I was younger!

The only stitching I managed to get done at all was a start on my mini quilt for this month:

Not a lot to show in the picture, just a beginning, probably only an hour of stitching time. I'm reasonably confident I'll be able to get the top done tomorrow during the day, and if I really focus, maybe I'll have the little quilt finished before the end of the month rolls around. The block I've used is a recent one from the Moda Blockheads 4 project - Highland Plaid by Crystal Manning. My plan is to make a few of the little blocks and add a border, I think it will look quite cute.

One thing that has kept be quite busy this week has been painting the little heads for mmmCrafts ornaments. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I'd try popping a few painted heads in my Etsy Store and see how they went. Well, I was quite surprised to find that they have been very popular, and I've sold many more than I ever expected, so I needed to replenish my stocks.

I'm keeping things organised, and happy to keep painting beads as long as lovely crafters are happy to buy them.

I won't hang around online, I'll get back to the sewing machine to piece as much as I can before bedtime. Chatter soon lovelies! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

at times I think back about the energy I must have had when my girls were little ones - my husband was in the Navy and gone half the time at sea - I was by myself with no family to help - where did I have the energy - I only remember a couple times asking a neighbor for 10 minutes of help now and then

loulee said...

Little ones are tiring, but a delight to have in our lives.

Janet said...

Lucky you spend more time with Mary.
You look very productive to me. the head are very cute but the Santa is what got my attention. So cute.
Happy stitching and have a great week.


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