Friday, July 22, 2022

A productive week!

This week didn't feel like I'd been particularly busy in the sewing room - I knew I'd had a full week - but as I was collating photos to share with you, it became clear that I'd achieved quite a bit! So here goes:

First up, I finished the binding on the play mat for little Mary. I've made quite a number of these over the years for friends that have had babies, and it was so nice to make one that could stay in the family!

I took it to Amy's house to photograph as she has so many more fun little person toys there - I had wanted to update my Etsy listing also - so we had a little photo session. Sadly it was a bit of a grey day, but we did our best. If you think you'd like to make one, please do pop over to my Etsy store, I have 25% off all downloadable patterns until the end of July.

Here's a little close up so you can see some of the details - I had fun putting this mat together:

Next, inspired by an Instagram buddy, I decided to finally make a dress from a pattern I downloaded at least a year ago! It's the Laundry Day Tee, and so far it has been super easy to make. I only have to add the neck band now which I'm a little nervous about, so I'm going to get some assistance from a friend. 

This will be a house dress for me - light and easy to wear when it's warm. The fabric was just an inexpensive one from Spotlight - to be honest it probably would have been wise not to use a stripe for a first effort, but it didn't turn out too badly.

I am super happy with the finish from my top-stitching machine, this was a very worthwhile purchase for garment sewing. I don't necessarily know that I'll be making huge amounts of clothing, but nothing pleases me more than having a lovely finish - and a seam that doesn't pop stitches is just wonderful.

Next on my agenda was to catch up on a few of the Moda Blockheads 4 blocks. So here are two that I made this week:

Block 16 - Indiana Puzzle by Tammy Vonderschmitt

Block 15 - Highland Plaid by Crystal Manning

These two blocks were easy to put together and the pieces not too tiny - remember that I opted to make the 4.5" finished size. The next couple of blocks have more pieces and are a bit more complex so I'll have to psych myself up to make them. I think that's the reason that I don't manage to get a block done every week, some of them require a bit more determination than others!

Once those blocks were done, I resolved to make this month's Churn Dash blocks for the sew-along. I had completed ten blocks last month, so I only needed to make six blocks to get to where I wanted to be:

I've set the 16 blocks into a small quilt - the first of two donation quilts I'm going to be making from the sew along blocks. These fabrics are WAY outside my comfort zone, but it's definitely a cheery quilt. 

My sweet quilting friend Jean donated the Kaffe fabrics in the blocks - I found the green and background fabric in my stash. The cornerstones were also from Jean's fabrics - and the Kaffe fabric used for the sashing strips was in my own stash. I don't remember buying this fabric - I remember buying some Kaffe fabrics at Hancocks of Paducah on a trip many years ago - but not this particular one - who knows what I had in mind for it!

So the next things on my list to tackle are the quilting and binding of this donation quilt - at just over 40" square it won't take long. And then I'll get busy on this month's mini quilt - I can't wait to make that one!

Last of all for today, I want to share with you a wonderful purchase I made at auction this week:

My favourite auction house had not one, not two, but three Singer Featherweights for sale on Monday. Two of them were the unicorn like 222 machines, and I resolved that one of them would be mine! Both 222 machines sold for huge prices - the first one for $1700 (it was the better of the two machines) and the one I bought was $1400 - probably more than I wanted to pay really. I'm super happy to finally have a 222 as I've wanted one for ages - but this machine is going to need a little work. The motor needs some attention and the machine itself needs a good clean up, but I know it's going to be great. Fortunately my lovely hubby will be able to take care of all of this, so we shouldn't have to put any more $$ into the machine. It's amazing how much the prices of Featherweights have been going up over the past few years, they've definitely increased in value since I bought my first one just over 20 years ago!

Well, that has been my sewing week - it has been busy but great! I hope you've all had a great week too, and I'll chatter with you all again soon! xox


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

i had not realized that featherweights were going up in price so much over the years. So many people have them in the states. I'm not sure when my husband found mine on ebay and bought without asking if I wanted it. I would have looked it over better (the write up) it has been nothing but trouble and wasn't in good working order. I guess it was about 15 years ago that he got it and paid about $300.00 for it then found out that a lot of other people paid less than 100.00 and had them in good working order. I will need to check and see what people are paying or them now.

Rose Marie said...

A few years ago, a few of my quilting friends all bought featherweights, but I resisted the urge. They are all the rage right now and are pushing up in price. Your churn dash blocks are sweet and such a cheery quilt!

Chris said...

I own 4 Featherweights. My mother bought a brand new 222k open arm in 1958. I have it here and it is my least reliable one. I own another 222K and two 221s. I like to use them for foundation piecing.

Janet O. said...

A very productive week, indeed! That is such a pretty play mat. The dress looks really comfy. Nice little Blockhead blocks. And such a cheery churn dash donation quilt!
Looks like a lovely featherweight. I use mine all the time--bought it from a blog friend who seemed to be able to sniff them out everywhere, and I could never find one myself. Good that your hubby can do the service work for you.

Chookyblue...... said...

your churn dash blocks look great and yes definitely not your usual colours......goodluck quilting......
wow the price of 222's sure has increased.....thats double mine easy.......

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Well, I was snoozing but when I saw your churn dash blocks it jolted me awake! LOL. Yes this is definitely not you, not me either! I have just about given up on my Wedding Ring quilt! I just cannot have success with scrappy. I put one section together yesterday and really have to think about doing all that work on something that I will not like. It is with the connecting corners. OH well. You have had a very productive week. Better than mine, but quilters just move on to the next project and stuff the UFO in a bin. I am thinking that today I may clean out some scraps. And figure out who might want them. Enjoy the day we still are in the 100’s. Hugs

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Me Again - Love the dress - looks comfortable. The play mat so cute! Now to the Featherweights. I have 2. I purchased one back in 2006 timeframe. Love the machine, but have not used it in years. About 15 years ago Ham Operator buddy of hubby’s wife had her original 1950 Featherweight machine. I told her if she ever sold it I wanted it. After she passed at the age of 98, her hubby called and offered it to me for $450. I did not need it by then, but I knew he could use the money. I have never sewn on it. It is an original one owner machine. Maybe I will get mine out and play with it this week! Have a blessed week! Hugs

Janet said...

Wow you did have a productive week. I love the Highland Plaid block. They way did the center was fantastic. I really like how you used the Kaffe fabrics. Hope your Feather Singer is exactly what you wanted and sews like a dream after your husband does his magic on it. Happy Stitching.

Jeanette said...

The price of featherweights is terrible, especially the 222. I thought i would never get one(i have a 221) as they were always priced beyond my budget or too far away to test it. But a few months back a lady near me put up one for sale. Thought i'd miss out as i was in northern NSW at the time but she held it for me until i could get back to QLD. I paid $1500 but it works really well. Now i have a matching pair i'm happy. :)


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