Friday, December 10, 2021

Winding down for the year ...

This year has flashed by, and slowly all my weekly activities are drawing to a close. The tennis luncheon/presentation was on Wednesday, and twelve ladies were lucky winners of the table mats I'd been working on. It was very funny to the girls at my club that I ended up winning the table mat on our table, but I engineered a redraw and my lovely friend Marie was a winner after all. 

And though I didn't reveal it over the last few posts, I ended up making 25 mats as I was also giving them to the ladies that come along to quilting on Thursdays. I know some of them are blog readers (HI) and didn't want to give the game away. I hope you all liked them!

We had our Thursday quilting end of year party yesterday, which is always a nice time, and I baked festive cupcakes:

Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful ways to get inspiration for decorating cakes, and lucky me I already have all the piping tips I need.

We still have one more week of quilting before the end of the year, and then I know I'll miss everyone until we begin gathering again - it's usually about a six week break.

So, last night because all the deadline sewing was finished, I was able to pick up the Lily Rosenberry applique project and prepare another block:

This one is all glue prepped and ready for stitching, I think I'll prepare a few more for hand sewing as the weather will start heating up soon and I'll love to have a little applique stitching ready to go. I think this might be the sixth block, but it could be the seventh I've made so far. I'm so enjoying these blocks!

And a little retail therapy from recently:

This panel is by Karen Styles from Somerset Patchwork. When I saw it I knew I would need it for the future. At some stage I would like to make Di Ford-Hall's Antique Wedding Sampler quilt, and these motifs would be perfect for the broderie perse portion of the quilt. I've no idea when I'll be starting that quilt, but it's wise to collect pretty fabrics when possible as they don't seem to last long!

This weekend I'll have a bit of a kitchen weekend. We're celebrating Amy's birthday on Sunday evening so I'll bake her a birthday cake (which hopefully I'll remember to photograph) and I'm going to start planning my gingerbread creation for this year. I don't think it will be as elaborate as last year, but hopefully I'll come up with something I'm happy with.

That's it from me, I'll chatter soon! xox


Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh my! I cannot believe you mad 25 gorgeous mats! And, too funny that you won one yourself. Those little cupcakes are adorable, but way out of mu comfort zone. My neighbors asked if we wanted to do a cookie swap this year and I said, sure if you like Oreos! I just don't have it in me. I look forward to seeing your gingerbread creation! Have fun with your new Karen Styles panel!

Jean McGee said...

Thank you Tara for the lovely cakes on our Xmas table spread, it was lovely to enjoy the yummy food and great company, also thanks for the lovely table mats. We really do get spoilt. I love the applique blocks you are doing at the moment , gives me inspiration. 😍😍

Janet said...

Wow, on the mats. So sweet to do another drawing for the one you won.
Oh my, those cupcakes are beautiful to eat, but I bet they were delicious.
I wish I could get the hang of the glue applique process. The panels are gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing as always.


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