Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Caswell Block C5

Ohhh yes, I need someone to divert me away from these blocks ... I genuinely have so many other things I must do, but I keep heading back to this completely addictive applique! Here's my next completed block:

Caswell Quilt - Block C5

How fun to find that I had the same fabric in my stash that Corliss used for the vase in her original block. I have the print in three colourways and chose to use the one that has a little pink in it - my thinking was that I could then use pink in the centre of the flowers. 

Two of the fabrics in the block are almost 20 years old. The green in the centre leaf on the vase - it was a gift to me from my sweet friend Linda when I visited with her in the USA in 2000. And the yellow/black print is a Smithsonian print that Sue from NZ sent me a little while back. The Smithsonian collections were around when I started my original Dear Jane quilt back in 1997. I had long ago run out of the yellow, so it was just so kind of Sue to send me some more. What lovely friends I have!

Tonight before I head to bed, I'm making a list of the things I must achieve tomorrow. I'm a compulsive follower of lists, so hopefully I won't get distracted and head right on back to the appliqué ... here's hoping!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Your block looks great! I have found over the last couple years that my addiction to applique is not as strong as it once was - I think several years ago I was doing too much applique if that is possible and now I can't seem to get my feeling back for it and I have two that I am struggling to get interested in enough to finish them. Until then I will struggle and finish my blocks bit by bit and enjoying sitting back and look at you finish this quilt before I will barely have started it - glad it isn't a race LOL

Wendy Caton Reed said...

I for one am happy that you head straight for the applique as I truly enjoy watching your progress on these beautiful blocks. I remember that Smithsonian and I think I may have one tiny scrid left. Oh how I hate to use the last of something. Thank you for appliqueing instead of dusting. It is much more appealing to those of us who follow your blog!

Tired Teacher said...

I love the yellow in this block.

Kyle said...

It means you're having fun so working on your beautiful blocks isn't work at all.

Janet said...

I just got hooked on your blog. OMG, you are such a talented appliquer. I just love your Caswell blocks. I notice you trace your pattern onto your background, how do you get your applique pieces lined up so perfectly? Can't wait to see you next post.
Thank you!

Shasta Matova said...

All of these blocks are so beautiful, I can see why you wan to keep going back to them. And it is sweet that you are using your older fabrics and remembering where you got them.

sewyouquilt2 said...

these are gorgeous! I can see the distraction


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