Friday, January 29, 2016

Caswell Block A4

This morning I put the last few stitches in my next Caswell block. I just had the last two flowers to place, and it was done:

Caswell Quilt - Block A4

It appears that I've centred the appliqué poorly on the background fabric, but in reality it's fine - the blame lies with my lack of photography skills and taking the picture off centre - honest!

I'm a bit of a lazy appliquér, and to that end I made some changes. I smoothed out the bumps in the larger leaves - for two reasons. The green print fabric for the super big leaves is quite heavy and hard to needle turn, so I didn't want the hassle of the little lumps and bumps, and if I'm honest, I actually prefer the look of neater leaves. I also changed the centre of the two left most flowers - I liked the William Morris print for the centre, so I used that instead of appliqueing the fussy shape in place.

Not sure yet which block I'll work on next, but I'm thrilled to have 14 blocks done - I have 16 to go!! Chatter soon :-)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I just picked out E4 to do next - starting on it tomorrow I think. Love this block that you did

Susie said...

It's beautiful

Mary Ann said...

Love the colors. Another beautiful block. Thank you for sharing.

Lorraine said...

Thank you for sharing your progress. I love seeing your blocks with the specific fabrics that you have chosen to use in them.

Tired Teacher said...

Nearly half of the blocks finished - well done. I like hearing how you've altered things to fit the fabric and your personal preferences.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Love what you did to the large leaves. Love the fabric choice too!

Kyle said...

Fantastic block. You have a wonderful assortment of greens which add a lot of texture and interest,

marina said...

Have just found your blog through Google and am loving your Caswell quilt blocks. I just bought the pattern today from Castlemaine and am chomping at the bit to start especially after seeing the quilt in the flesh.
Trying to decide colours or one colour for the quilt. Love how you have used a variety of fabric types.
Very encouraging and reassuring as your blocks are amazing.


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