Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Dresden Play Mat

Last night I put the last stitches in the binding of a gift I FINALLY made:

I found it so hard to drag myself away from my Caswell blocks to make this, but once I finally got to working on it, it didn't take long at all. Seriously an hour to put the top together on Friday, and then on Saturday I quilted it, applied the ric-rac and binding - then last night (until quite late watching the tennis) I hand stitched the reverse side of the binding down. Easy!

Up to now, I've only thought of this pattern as a table topper, but a little light bulb moment recently helped me realise it could be a baby play mat, and that's what this one is destined to be. I think I'll photograph it nicely and add the pictures to my pattern at the Etsy store.

I'll be back to the appliqué this afternoon I hope, I've actually been missing needle turning! Speaking of which, I've had a another question pop up a few times; lovely readers are asking where they may purchase the Caswell pattern. It's available from Threadbear in Castlemaine Australia. Thank you to Monique and Isabel for asking. And Hi to Mary Ann and Celia, lovely to hear from you both again.

 Chatter soon! xox


Carmen y Prady said...

Un trabajo precioso, fantástico.
Un beso

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a little break from Caswell won't hurt you - you are doing so well on it. I need to get a new block prepped and ready to work on. I am trying real hard to continue working just on the quilts already started and to not start a new one this year until one of the major four projects that I am working on moves to the "to be quilted pile"

Tired Teacher said...

It's adorable!

Tammy said...

Love your little mat. I'm enjoying the tennis too here in Washington State. I DVR it and then watch it later. Love Federer! :-)

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Adorable! I can see how it would be hard to tear yourself away from your applique, but this is so sweet.


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