Friday, February 07, 2014


Hello February, you arrived quickly didn't you?? And warm ... oh my goodness, it has been HOT here, with so many days over 40c (104f). Not really weather for sitting and hand quilting ... but I can't say I've been piecing either.

I keep thinking I've found my next great project, and I do keep finding nice things to work on, but so far nothing has inspired me to actually begin pulling out fabric. But ... maybe this is the one?

This is block one of Di Ford's new mystery quilt which is in Quilt Mania magazine (Issue 99). I really like it, and I think I can handle working on a mystery quilt?!? After a pretty extensive search, I think I have managed to secure some of the border print they've used in this project. I may not end up using the same one, but I'll give it a whirl. Next I need to find the perfect broderie perse fabrics. Much easier said than done I'm thinking.

I've never purchased the Quilt Mania magazine before, and I have to say I'm really loving it. There are a few projects that I can see myself making should my sewing mojo ever return to me. I picked up my copy at Hettie's Patch - this is not a magazine I've seen around very much, so I've put my name on the list to reserve my copy each time it comes out.

Something I have been doing though, is decluttering at home. And when this kind of inspiration strikes, it's wise to go with it, as it doesn't happen often. I've sent four garbage bags of clothes on to charity, and I've even sent some handbags/purses and shoes out into the world. Yes, you read that correctly, even shoes!

You see, I have lost a few kgs from my frame recently, and it was time to just let some things go. I had a realisation that I wear the same few articles of clothing a lot, and I have a lot of things that haven't seen the light of day in a really long time. I decided it would be nice to go forward with fewer, but nicer things. Let's see how that goes?

And finishing up, if you should see my sewing mojo while you're out and about ... please send her home. I miss her!! xox


Sheila said...

You looked fabulous last night at the guild meeting. Tara, I'll take up hand quilting if that's how you did it. Di Fords quilt is calling my name too, have collected a few fabrics already. There is a 40 minute video on the Quiltmania site showing Di at work on this first instalment

Sheila said...
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Heather said...

I so hope that I am able to find a copy of Quiltmania so I can do Di Ford's quilt. I usually manage to find a copy but not til months after it has come out in Europe. It has become the only magazine I buy, love it! I hope you find your mojo soon, you make such lovely things!

Missy Shay said...

I think everybody goes through sewing slumps. I love that quilt pattern, maybe by just starting on one block you can decide if you want to continue, otherwise it would make a nice wall hanging!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on your weight-loss success.

I've been decluttering closets, too, but still need to do more.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I've been tempted to start the Di Ford mystery too. I think I can come up with fabrics from my stash for most of it, but that pesky broderie perse fabric may force a shopping expedition!

Shay said...

That Quilt is totally you - I can see us watching this one come together at our NTFW group.

Congratulations on the new you - nothing more exciting than wearing new clothes to fit a smaller frame. I bet you feel fantastic.

Nancy said...

My mojo went away today also. I bet they went shopping for fabric :D


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