Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chronicle Block Complete

Go me! I have finished embroidering my first Chronicle quilt block. It's the second block in the pattern series, but being me, I'm stitching out of order ... ohhhh, I'm such a rebel! *lol*

I strongly recommend that you don't look too closely, my embroidery skills are sadly lacking, and the little farmer there looks like he's been made from wooden blocks. Maybe I'll get him a little more human looking with some pigma pen action later on. I'm thinking some hair and perhaps a face would be a great start?!?

But the great news with this small finish is that I can now start work on the Di Ford BOM block one that I shared a little while back. I'm really dying to get busy on it, and I very much hope I can do it justice given that I've never tried broderie perse before. How many of you are also working on it? I've heard from a few people, and would love to hear from more of you out there!

In other news, the muffins I baked the other day are gone already, and I have a few 'past their best' bananas in the fruit bowl. On Pinterest, I pinned this Double Chocolate Banana muffin recipe recently, so I'm going to give them a whirl tonight. I'll let you know how they go. Chatter soon! xox


Celia in England said...

Hi Tazzie, I have signed up for the Di Ford Mystery BOM and am getting the fabrics by-monthly. The first block is started but as I am working on the Love Entwined quilt, the Mystery is on the backburner! It is new for me to use pre-selected fabrics as I usually do my own thing but thought it would make a change. Look forward to seeing what you do with the pattern. Celia in England

Sheila said...

your Chronicle block is very cute, despite the Farmer being Faceless. I have begun stitching the swags for the Di Ford quilt, still deciding on the stem fabric, so i'll need to wait a few days to do the flowers. I haven't done Broderie Perse before either, but i have seen it treated the same as needle turn so i'm not too worried, I have the chintz but i think i prefer the French General La Belle Fleur for the flowers. Have you seen the Facebook group?

Nancy said...

Nice job, you will have the blocks finished and your commitment completed in short order.

Shay said...

Your chronicle block looks lovely ...yes- a face would be good and thats easy to do ...

Cant wait to see the Di Ford project come together!


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