Friday, April 27, 2012

Rail Fence Blocks

Here are my first five Rail Fence blocks - I've made three of each, so that's 15 out of the 99 we're each making. I'm having a great time choosing fabrics for each block - and let's face it, I have so many scraps to choose from :-)

They're so nice to make, but I have to pay careful attention to my seam allowance. It's very easy to make them too narrow. So far so good!

I think I'll do some Farmer's Wifeing this afternoon - I believe I have quilter's ADD!


Sheila said...

the rail fence blocks are looking good. As with the Jelly roll race the extra square unifies all the business. We did a similar block in the Civil War quilt, i think it was "H" for Hospital

AnnieO said...

Such pretty pretty fabric! These make me smile :)

Deb said...

These are wonderful and you are right you would have to be very very careful on your 1/4in seam. 2 friends and I are also going to be exchanging strips and are going to make a strippy kinda quilt. It is so exciting cause we are all so different in fabric.

Linda said...

Looking Good!

ozjane said...

I love rail fence.....they are so satisfying and look so good.


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