Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Farmers Wife Blocks

My Farmers Wife Sampler book has been calling to me, so over the weekend and this morning, I answered the call. Thank goodness, because I've really missed these darling little blocks!

I've made some fairly simple blocks, and I'm also trying to get ready to put another row together. Here's what I achieved:

Block 68 - Postage Stamp

Block 73 - Rainbow Flowers

Block 84 - Spool

Block 102 - Whirlpool

Block 109 - Windows

I put block 73 together a little differently than the one in the book - just eliminated a couple of seams to make things easier. I'm all for simplifying when I can :-)

If I get the chance, I'd like to put a couple more together today - but first I'll get my menu planned for this week, and grocery shop too. Gosh I dislike grocery shopping - I'm really hoping that doing this planning will encourage me to enjoy the process more. Keep your fingers crossed for me friends :-)


Mary said...

How many rows do you have done already? I put my blocks up on the wall to audition sashing fabric. What are you sashing your blocks with.

Pip said...

I'm still in the middle of Postage Stamp, and haven't done much stitching on my FW at all, I have been sidetracked with cleaning my pantry, which is good as it helps with meal planning (cos I know what I already have stashed in there)


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