Saturday, April 28, 2012

Latest FWS blocks

True to my word (and my Quilters ADD) I've completed a few more Farmers Wife blocks. All fun ones to make - the first three foundation pieced.

Block 28 - Duck and Ducklings

Block 30 - End of Day

Block 54 - Kitchen Woodbox

Block 76 - Sawtooth

Block Total: 56
This means I'm officially just over the half way mark! :-)


Impera Magna said...

Beautiful blocks... lovely fabrics! Congratulations on being over half way finished!


Nancy said...

The more I see your Farmers Wife blocks the less I like mine. Love your fabric choices.

Frances Leate said...

Lovely blocks and congratulations on passing that all important halfway mark - my count is now up to 43. Take care.

Pip said...

Yay for you Tazzie, I just reached halfway too, forgot to blog about it though :(

AnnieO said...

Halfway, yippee! Glad you're enjoying the trip :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely blocks. By the way, I have that double pink fabric that you have used in most of them.


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